Chloe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons sister she lives with the boys and is dating Liam.


6. Morning

-Chloe's Pov-

When I woke up I went to Liam and I's room and was shocked at what I found Liam was alseep with my Ex-Bestie next to him. I started to cry when Lou and Harry came in Lou started screaming at Lily to leave and he shook Liam awake.

-Liam's Pov-

When I woke Harry, Lou and Chloe were here and Chloe and up to me and said "We are over no chances no matter if you were drunk or not!" "Fine but my girlfriend here Lily will be staying with me in my room and so you need to get your crap and go!" .

Lou came up an said stay from my sister. BOTH OF YOU!

A/N DUN DUN DUNNN!!!! What's gonna happen now ? Do you ship: Ciam = Chloe + Liam, Carry = Chloe + Harry, Hily = Harry + Lily or Lialy = Liam + Lily

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