Chloe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons sister she lives with the boys and is dating Liam.


2. Chloe Tomlinson

-Chloe's Pov-

My name is Chloe Skye's I am 17 turning 18 tomorrow, I am 5'5 with chocolate brown eyes and long curly brown hair.

I am best friends with Louie, Zayn, Niall and Harry but I am closest with Harry, also I am dating Liam Payne an have been since 2012 when I met him at a meet and greet he gave me his number and we talked and he asked me out and know we have been going out for two years and our annaversiary is on September 11th.

A/N thanks for reading update soon

Thanks my little Tacos !

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