When Infinity Ends

Camp Sabalay had always been just another summer camp. A fun, but not life-changing and adventurous, but not dangerous place for teens. But at Camp Sabalay, year of 2014, weeks 2-3, everything will change.


1. Prologue

The lake was dark blue, and unusually calm by the wharf that night. The waves swelled and shrunk, but never formed peaks. The night air smelled fresh was still muggy from the scorching hot day that had just ended. The hills across the lake were dark silhouettes against the setting sun, a rainbow of oranges and yellows and pinks and purples, owning the sky. I was just a silhouette, too, Standing on the the railing on the wharf, another silhouette beside me. "Come on", Saph said, grabbing hold of my hand, and then, with her other hand, pulling Kenya up onto the railing of the dock. Now all three of us were standing side by side  on the railing of the dock, the nervous energy running through out bodies and in-between out bodies, connecting. "One....Two.......Th-", the countdown was cut off by the sound of wind rushing through my ears. For a brief moment, I saw the last rays of the sun bean out from behind the hills, forming a crown of light. The night was ours, and the lake was our infinite ocean in that infinite moment.

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