Louis's Best Friend

"Hello!" A British accent chirped. I screamed and turned around. I saw a boy around 14 years of age with brown hair and kind blue eyes. "Y-you scared me..." I told him. He chuckled "I noticed. I'm Louis..." he introduced himself. I smiled "I'm Ginger."


2. Chapter 2

He took a step towards me and I stepped back. He may seem nice but I still don't know him. He sat down at the small table and looked up at me. I looked down. "Ginger, I won't hurt you." he told me.

I looked up at him and sat across from him. "Louis... I just can't trust people any more..." I told him looking down.

I leaned forward "Why not?" He asked me curious.

I sighed, I mean he is going to find out eventually. "I was kidnapped a year ago and a couple months ago I was found. When I was being kidnapped my dad tried to protect me..." I smiled at the thought of my dad "He fought long and hard but then the guy, my kidnapper, pulled out a knife and..." I took a deep breath and looked down, I started tearing up.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and saw Louis looking at me with sorrow in his eyes. I felt a tear go down my cheek and he gently wiped it away with his thumb. I smiled slightly and he kneeled down next to me. "I think I get the picture..." Louis whispered, putting a strand of hair behind my ear.

I blushed. Is Louis flirting with me? He smiled and sat next to me. We talked for ages until the sun started going down. We sat there and watched the sun go down. I have not seen the sun for so long that I forgot how beautiful sunsets were. I smiled, and then felt a hand on top of mine. I looked down and saw Louis's hand on top of mine. I gently pulled my hand away and continued looking up at the sky. I heard my mom calling her. I sighed and got up. I waved good bye to Louis as she walked into her house. I yawned and walked up to my room. I didn't bother changing into pajama's. I slid into my bed and fell asleep.

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