Imelda's normal. Well, she looks and acts normal. But, every night, she's haunted by nightmares of a boy.


1. 1: Chapter One

Chapter 1:

 "No," Imelda whispered as he grinned. Her voice was carried away in the wind. The dark skinned boy walked towards her.

 Wind rustles the leaves, but Imelda couldn't feel it. She could hear the trees creaking as the wind as the wind changed to gale force in a matter of seconds. Her long red hair stayed stuck to her sweaty back. The leaves changed. Turning yellow then red and, finally, the same colour as her hair before falling to the ground.

 "Please don't do it." He kept walking, oblivious. He couldn't hear her, but she kept talking. She always did.

 One more step. The blade came out of nowhere, plunging through his chest and coming out the other side. He made a shocked sound and his hands found the wound before he collapsed to the ground.

 "Why?" he asked. "Why didn't you warn me." He looked straight at her.

 Imelda woke up in a cold sweat, sobbing into the pillow. She didn't know who the boy was. She'd never seen him before. He was always in her dreams. Or nightmares. She couldn't really remember them in the morning. The only thing she could remember was the horrible feeling as she looked into his eyes. Those brown eyes...

 "Imelda? We have a six hour drive! And a plane that we'll miss if you don't hurry up!" Her mother called from down the hall. She groaned and stepped out of the bed, still slightly shaken.

 "I don't want to go," she muttered. A few months before, she would have jumped at the chance to spend a week with her family in Bradford. But all she wanted was to go to bed and sleep properly with no boy.

 The dream was always different, she knew that much. But the end was always the same. The exact same. That was the part that haunted her the most.

 "Get your arse down here! You better have packed," her mother warned. She didn't argue with her mother, but they weren't best friends. 

 "I'm coming. Calm down." She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and changed into some fresh clothes. 

 The oak stairs creaked slightly, as they always did, but Imelda flinched. She ran down, skipping over the creakiest steps and then walking into the kitchen, her heart racing. Her face had paled slightly. 

 "Are you okay?? You look sick." Her mother held her chin and tilted her face to the side. "You have black circles under your eyes. Have you been sleeping properly?"

 Imelda pulled her face away. "I'm grand. I fell out of bed and couldn't get back to sleep. That's all." She grabbed a bowl and poured cereal into it before reconsidering. 

 "We have to go in ten minutes. Be ready." 

 A/N: Sorry, I know it's not a good chapter. But, what do you guys think?? Comments are very much appreciated. :)

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