Red Light

Avery(is a female, not male! Just pointing that out there!) has been having troubles fitting in. When she sees new people around her neighborhood she begins to find out what fitting in just might feel like. Will Avery find out what love is? And will the strangers she meets like her back? Read to find out!


1. The Note

I woke up to my cat purring loudly. Saturday. I thought as I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. There was a note on the counter. It read, Dear Avery, There was an emergency at work and I had to run in. Sorry for this. There are some waffles in the fridge for breakfast. Love, Mommy. I sighed and walked over to the fridge. I opened it up to find no waffles in the fridge. Henry must have them. I walk to my big brothers room and open the door. I could smell waffles and Henry's cologne. "Thanks for sharing the waffles! Real kind," I say as looks at me. "No problem," he says, muffled by the waffle in his mouth.  

His Tv was on. What's he watching? "Hey, whatcha watching?" He looks at me and says, "The news. Apparently a person died from crashing in a lake and the wether today is gonna be -14." 

"Average winter day Minnesota!" I say as I walk out of his room. I go to my bedroom and get a striped sweater and some sweatpants. "No period, it's a Saturday, doing nothing, how much better can this day get!" I mumble. Then the door opens. "Yes Henry? What do you want?" I practically yell. "Well, mom just texted me saying that somebody just moved here. Because she saw it this morning. So she said that there is some brownies on the island and she wants us to take them. Honestly, could you do it? My legs are killing me be cause yesterday in gym, we did Tap-out and-" 

"Okay!I'll deliver the fricken brownies! Now get out so I can change please." He leaves and I put on my sweater and pants. I grab the brownies and get my jacket and shoes. Now I can freeze to death when I walk outside! Yay, fun. 

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