The Way To Start A Year

Lily has gone to Auckland, to spent New year's with her friends Asha, Merry, Hermione, George and Sharlot...


3. You Learn Something Every Day

We parked the car at the foot of Mt Eden and waited for George to arrive. He arrived shortly after and we unpacked the picnic basket from the car. George, Merry, Asha and I took turns carrying it through out the climb.

Thirty or so minutes later we came to a large car park, which we walked across to a flat strip of grass on the edge of the crater. We stood and looked around, just infront of us was a large, steep dip in the hill. The crater. But when we lifted our eyes a whole different sight greeted us. Millions of tiny houses, the sea, the sky scraper towering over all. Tiny cars travelled on thin, grey paths that ran every where, small people wandered the streets.

"Sweet." said Merry.

"Excellent." said Sharlot

Asha giggled, "That guy just fell of his bike."

But George was staring into the crater.

"That, is a pretty cool... Ah, um, I've forgotten the name. That's a pretty cool, ah, thing." He said

"Crater?" Asha suggested.

"Yes. Crater." George said embarrassed.

"That's the thing!" said a female voice. We all looked over to a group of three young adults standing further along the flat strip of grass, away from the car park. A short, blond, young woman was pointing excitedly into the crater.

I turned to George.

"You're not alone." I said patting his shoulder. We all laughed, including George. We turned back to the young adults. The blondie's companions were looking relieved, and saying "Oh, that's the thing. Right."

They stopped and looked into the crater for a while.

"So, when did the asteroid hit?" The blondie asked a tall, dark haired man.

"Um, good one Natasha." He said, looking slightly worried.

"No, seriously, when did the asteroid hit?" The girl called Natasha asked.

"There was no asteroid Natasha, that's crater, we're on a volcano." The dark haired man explained.

"What?! No way! Really?"

"Yes. This a volcano. It has always been a volcano." He repeated.

Natasha turned to the other woman with them. The other woman had light brown curls, under which her face was showing growing excitement.

The two woman grabbed eachother's hands and started dancing around, screeching, "We're on a volcano!"

The man sighed and I face palmed.

"Surely they're acting." said Sharlot disapprovingly.

"They don't seem very intelligent do they?" said Hermione

"No." agreed Sharlot

We turned away from the three, and carried on with the picnic. While we were eating, The dark haired man shepherded the two woman to their car. 

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