The Way To Start A Year

Lily has gone to Auckland, to spent New year's with her friends Asha, Merry, Hermione, George and Sharlot...


1. New Year's Night

We stood shoulder to shoulder on one of the many platforms around Auckland harbour put up to watch the New Year's fireworks. Bright colours danced across the dark, star studded sky. Loud bangs and cracking noises split the air. Suddenly twelve, loud chiming rings mingled with the explosions. The great clock tower in town striked midnight. The crowd around us literally went wild. We realised how many couples were around us. Almost every one was making out. George looked around him with a mischievous, slightly wierded out expression. We looked at the couple practically sucking each others faces off next to us. Then he turned to me, raising his arms.


I laughed and hugged him. We've been like siblings since I was twelve. This was the first year we were allowed to go down to the celebration, now that I'm sixteen. After a few minutes we let each other go and watched the rest of the fire works. After the brilliant display ended,the crowds went back to the street, to get more drunk. We climbed the hill to the car, where we waited for Merry, (who had the key) Asha and Hermione. The plan had been that we would watch the display together, but we lost eachother trying to get a good view, and planned to meet here afterwards by text.

Three figures appered down the hill. One was large and round, the second one was as tall as the first, but much thinner, and the third was simply tiny. I felt mean making fun of Hermione, but she was truly tiny. She was the oldest out of us, but the smallest. As the figures approached, we began to see details; Merry's large beard, Asha's round eyes, Hermione's  long nose. Once they were close enough, we jumped in the car, the two guys in front, the three girls in the back, and drove to my Uncles place, where we were staying for the night.

George's and Hermione's mum, who didn't go because she said she was past those celebrations, was reading a book on the couch. She looked up and said "Hello, how was that?".

"It was great, but we got split up" answered George

"Yeah, George and Lily managed to push their way to the front but left Asha, Hermione and me behind." added Merry.

"But it was still pretty spectacular." added Hermione

"And totally awesome." I added

" Um, Ice cream!" added Asha. she probably wanted to add something, but couldn't think of anything, so used the full-in she's been using since she was eleven.

"Very good" George's and Hermione's mum, whose name was Sharlot, said.

"I'm going to bed." said Asha, walking towards the bathroom for a shower.

The rest of us headed for the couches, where we chatted. Asha came out of the bathroom and waved good night to us while going into the girls bedroom. There were only to bedrooms in my uncles holiday house, one with a double bed and one with two singles. Asha, Hermione and I had the one with the two singles. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Sharlot had the double, and George and Merry had the two couches in the lounge.

Sharlot then decided to go to bed, then Hermione, leaving only me, Merry and George.


"We have to make our beds now." George said smiling. It was five past two.

"No!" I said crossing my arms and legs on the couch.

"Yes!" He said, lunging at me, causing me to roll into a ball. Then he picked me up and carried me to the girl's bedroom door, which Merry opened for him, then tip-toed into the room and gently lay me on my mattress and whispered "good night", with me fake scowling at him. He tip toed out of the room and closed the door. I could hear him and Merry laughing on the other side.

Lying on the covers I realised how tired I was. All I could do was get into my pyjamas, then into bed before I fell into a peaceful sleep.

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