The Way To Start A Year

Lily has gone to Auckland, to spent New year's with her friends Asha, Merry, Hermione, George and Sharlot...


2. New Year's Morning



Some one was shaking my shoulder.

"Its eleven thirty and were having lunch on Mt Eden."

I instantly sat up.

"Really?" I asked Hermione. I reached over and grabbed my phone. True, it was eleven thirty.

"Oh, sorry." I said

"Its Ok, George and Merry are still sleeping. I think they stayed up quite late, talking." Said Hermione.

I got out of bed, grabbed my stuff and headed to the bathroom to have quick shower. On my way I met Sharlot.

"Morning!" she said cheerfully.

"Morning" I replied, somewhat less enthusiastically.

Fifteen minutes later I reappeared form the bathroom, Showered, dressed and hair done. When I came out Asha looked quite happy and George and Merry were sleepily waiting at the door.

"Your best friend is evil" George told me as I came out.

"I know, what did she do this time?" I asked looking over at Asha.

"Jumped on us and pulled our sleeping bags of the couches." grumbled Merry.

"Aw, poor you." I said, smiling at them and walking past them, shaking my head in fake disapproval at the laughing Asha.

I put my stuff away and headed for the table, where Sharlot, Hermione and Asha were having breakfast. Soon after that the boys joined us.

When we were all fed we packed the picnic basket, and piled into the car. George biked, because six people in a five seater car doesn't really work.

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