Harry Styles' Secret

There are some things about me that no one knows. There are some things about me that I don't know. What happens when I find out I'm not who people think I am? My name is Harry Styles; I got thousands of fans, and one secret.


3. You're not gonna regret it

"I'd like to poop by myself, if it's okay for you", Louis said.

I smiled.

"You're not pooping.", I replied. "You're just making up excuses for not to be near me."

"That sounds a lot with what you've been doing lately."

I sighed.

"What?", he asked me.

"I don't know, man. I just need some time."

"You're sounding like a wife", he said, starting to smile.

His smile was just so beautiful.

"So, how about we become friends again? I miss you." I said.

"I've never stopped being your friend."

"I know."


We both laughed.

"No, go buy your own food!", I yelled back.

When we got in the kitchen, the guys were all looking at us with a weird expression on their faces.

"Are you guys okay?", I asked.

"We're so sorry, Harry, but she just got in and said she wanted to talk to you." Said Liam.

"What are you talking about?" 

"Hello, Harry." Someone with a sweet voice said. 

Then, I saw Taylor Swift for the first time in months. She was gorgeous. All the guys, except Louis left the kitchen. When I looked at him, hoping that he would get angry, he just left the room with a smile.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"I missed you, and well, I thought that you might feel the same."

"I don't."

She smiled.

"I know you still love me."

I laughed.

"Bye, Taylor. I don't really want to talk to you."

"Just give me a chance." She said, still smiling. "Let's go on a date and then we can talk."

"So you came here to ask me on a date?" 


"If I say yes, will you go away?"


"Yes, then."

"You're not gonna regret it, Harry Styles." Taylor said, coming closer to me to give me a quick kiss on the lips.



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