Harry Styles' Secret

There are some things about me that no one knows. There are some things about me that I don't know. What happens when I find out I'm not who people think I am? My name is Harry Styles; I got thousands of fans, and one secret.


6. Ok, take your clothes off

We left the restaurant around 1 am. We had so much fun together, we didn't notice the clock running. Taylor was a little bit drunk due to all the wine we had, and I have to admit I kind of like it, because she gets really really really funny and sexy.
"Taxi!", Taylor yelled, carrying her high heels on her hands like they were made of gold.
I laughed because she looked dizzy.
"Harry, come here and help me. Those cabs are really nasty to me".
"Maybe you're pushing them away with your drunk screams".
"Don't ever say that to me, Harry Styles. I'm perfectly sober".
I smirked.
A taxi stopped and we got in. Half an hour later we arrived my place. 
"You should really take a shower", I told Taylor.
"YOU should take a shower", she answered before starting to laugh.
"Ok, someone is really drunk".
"Finally you realised you had too much wine", Taylor said. "You can't control yourself, can you?"
I smirked, and lead her to the bathroom.
"Ok, take your chothes off", I said.
"Wow, you're fast, uh. I thought I'd have to beg you for fun".
"We're not having sex, Taylor", I answered, laughing. "You're just taking a shower".
"But you wanna see me naked".
"You must be really drunk, because you're starting to embarrass yourself. You're so gonna regret it tomorrow".
"Are you really begging me to have sex with you?".
"You can interpretate however you want".
Once she had her clothes off, I lead her to the shower. A cold shower would be really good for her. After that, I left Taylor in my bedroom dressing herself while I went to the kitchen to make her some coffe. By the time I got back, I found her wearing one of my old t-shirts sleeping in my bed. I smiled. She looked like a princess, even though her hair was messy and her clothes were old. She looked like the princess I used to date months ago.
Without thinking too much, I just went to the bed, layed down beside her and turned the lights off.


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