JinxNova666's CreepyPasta Stories

Gather around children and let's read from little murderous JinxNova666, Death stories.

Not about slashers nor about aliens or predators. Not your average demon possession or basic murder. But about a very special hand full of murders and creatures from beyond.


(-Your- favorite Pastas put into -my- view... And maybe a couple of original Pastas.)


2. Eyeless Jack

The dark rain fell lightly, and the scent of blood was in the air. Usually this would be gloomy weather for some.

Stay inside weather. Keep cozy and warm weather.’

But this was Eyeless Jack’s favourite weather, and he wasn’t exactly the most comforting, coziest or warmest of people.  He was hungry, but that was satisfied not too long ago. He walked blank minded, didn’t even know where he was going. He just had a feeling to just press on forward and forward.


Then he came to an intersection, the three option of passage came across him. He stopped his black sneakers at the edge of where the sidewalk met the street and looked down each way, foggy, wet and dimly lit by the street lights. As he stood still, the rain began to wash his blood stained clothing, dripping down to the ground and down the street mixing with the water. Turning his head left then right, but once his blue masked face met with the middle street he saw a boy and a girl laughing and walking, huddled close together under a red umbrella, walking in sync and in the opposite direction.


Under Jack’s eyeless mask a wide grin grew upon his face showing his sharp, blood stained teeth. He had eaten a few minutes ago but it was just a small child, and his stomach still groaned for more. he licked his lips with his long, serpent like tongue, then ran silently towards the couple into the shadows of front yards. The couple laughed about past and current adventures and events. unaware of the one lurking in the shadows as he fixed on their scent and kidneys.


That’s what Eyeless Jack was after. Though he had a young adult human like figure, he was far from it. To start, he didn’t wear a mask as a fashion statement, but to hide what he looked like. The fact he had no eyes and black liquid oozed out from them, he thought it would scare anyone he saw. As mentioned, his mouth, with sharp teeth and a long tongue, hungered for the taste of bloody and rich kidneys. He had longish light brown hair that he mainly kept back in his hood while in public, And by wearing a light black or dark blue hoodie, black pants, with black gloves and a mask, it covered every inch of his inhuman dark grey skin. His mask covering his face completely, but had no representation of mouth or nose or any facial feature whatsoever, only darker black eye that just blankly stared at it’s victims.


Jack crouches beside the lifeless bodies of the couple. One on his right and the other on his  left. Jack works with precision, caution, and speed. his work was fast and delicate. He stood up and lifts his mask to reveal just his mouth. tilting his head and with his other hand lifting up a brownish purple bean shaped organ just over top of his mouth. “Bon Appétit” he said smiling with his young college boy voice as his serpent like tongue came out from his mouth and wrapped around kidney, pulling it out from his pinching grip and into his mouth. As he chewed and swallowed his midnight snack, he turned to the body as he  put the other kidney into a zip bag and stuffed it into his pocket.


“Hmmmm” he thought as he admired his precise work, looking at the bodies. They seemed to still be alive and breathing. This built up his ego even more. He left them with their work and headed back to his shack he had in the woods.


Staring up that the ceiling of his old shack, water dripping and filing into broken buckets and tupperware, He thought, “What was I before?” This question boggle his mind the most. All he could remember was a cave and people in black robes wearing masks similar to his, chanting the one he worked for  “ChernoBog”, and the face of one girl, smiling. Jack shook it off and fell asleep never thinking of it again too much and only worked to satisfy his taste for kidneys.


A character Sketch in the beginning, but more of a story thought. Maybe a introduction story for Eyeless Jack.


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