Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Kenzie's POV: 

I was on my way home from Starbucks when I stopped by the driveway, there was a car that I didn't recognize. It wasn't my moms', and all of my relitives live out of state. So who could this be? I went and rang the doorbell. I hope trevor is ok.

*Ding Dong*


Trevor's POV:

I heard the doorbell ring, "Shh guys I think she's here! Quick everyone hide." I whispered. "Okkk" Ricky whined. I opened up the front door and eveyone got up and yelled "SUPRISE!" we all screamed. "Oh my god! O2L is here! Thank you Trevor" Kenzie said with joy. But then Connor cut her off "Hey WHat about me?" Connor smirked. 


Kenzie's POV:

"AHHHH OHMYGOD CONNOR! YOUR HERE! HOW?! I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" I screamed as I ran up to hug him. "Aww kitten its ok. And Trevor asked me to come down. He thought it would be cool if you got to spend time with all of O2L. My parents said that it would be a great idea, so I flew down here. I'll be here a couple of days. Is that alright with you?" Connor asked. "Yes! Of course it's ok with me! You can stay here" I said. "Hey guys, lets go to Taco Bell" Ricky said, and not really asked. You gotta love Ricky. "Yeah lets go to Taco Bell!" Kian chimed in. "I've actually never had Taco Bell before..." I said a little softer than my regular voice. "WOAH WHAT?!" Ricky sreamed. "This girl has never had Taco Bell?! Nuh uh we gotta go get her some. C'mon get in the car, ya lil nasty." Ricky clapped his hands and motioned us to the car. Is it that much of a shock that i've never had Taco Bell? As soon as we got there, Sam went to order everything because he knew what everyone wanted, and everyone else went to find a table big enough for all of us haha. I went with Sam because I wanted to see what they have. 


Sam's POV:

We all went to Taco Bell and I went to order everyones food while they went to get us a table. Kenzie came with me to order everything, and might I say that she looks drop dead gorgous. "Kenzie?" I asked. "Yeah Sam?" she didn't look me in the eyes because she was too busy looking at the menu. "Your beautiful" I said and leaned in to kiss her. 


Kenzie's POV: 

I was looking over at the giant menu before Sam told me I was beautiful. I was just about to say "Thank you" but Sam leaned over and kissed me. But with my luck, Trevor was looking right over here, and he saw everything. The next thing I saw was Trevor starting to cry and ran out of Taco Bell. "Sam what the fuck was that?!" I screamed at him. "I'm sorry, Kenzie! I really am, but I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry" he pleaded. "No Sam. Go away." I spat as I ran out, after Trevor. 


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