Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Kenzie's POV:

I woke up to Trevor laying beside me. I got out of bed and went downstairs to make some breakfast for us. I decided to make some pancakes, bacon, and eggs with a glass of orange juice. After I finished cooking, I went upstairs and took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on some dark blue skinny jeans with a cropped tank top that says "Midnight Memories" because I am a big fan of One Direction. I wanted to skype call Connor so I grabbed my laptop and called him. He finally picked up after 5 rings. "Hey Kenzie whats up? Ohmygod is that Trevor sleeping behind you?!" He had the biggest smirk on his face. "Yes Connor, thats Trevor. We had a...sleepover?" I replied awkwardly. "OOOOOOH what kind of sleepover?! Kenzie what did he do to you!" Connor started laughing uncontrollably. "OH MY GOSH! NO NOT LIKE THAT CONNOR!" I started to laugh a little bit too. "Hey Kenzie I have to go sorry kitten! I'll talk to you later ok? bye" he said in his high sad voice. "Aww alright Connor. Bye" I said. We hung up the phone and I went to go wake Trevor up. He was still sleeping and it was almost 10. "Trevor wake up" I whispered in his ear. "huh? no go away stop" Trevor managed to groan out. But oh god, I am not emotionally stable, his morning hair looks like sex, and his morning voice sounds like heaven. "Fine. I give up. I'm going to Starbucks I'll be back in 20. Bye I love you" I said and I walked out the door. I heard Trevor faintly say "ok bye I love you" as I was walking out the door. I got on my penny board and started to ride down to Starbucks. I need my Cotton Candy frappe.


Trevor's POV: 

Ok good. I got her out of the house. Perfect time to call the rest of the O2L guys and have them come over to suprise Kenzie. I even got Connor to fly out for a couple of days. He should be here any minute now. I decided to call JC. 

"Hey JC, you guys almost ready?"

"Hey Trev, yeah we are just about to leave"

"Perfect. Thanks guys see you soon."


*Ding Dong*

I went downstairs to open the front door, and there Connor was. "Hey Connor! Glad you could make it!" I said "Yeah I'm glad you invited me! This is going to be so much fun. Kenzie will be so suprised" Connor said "Oh, and how are you and Kenzie doing?" Connor had the biggest smirk on his face. I knew he was up to something... "We are ok I guess. She is perfect. I really like her, Connor. I don't know what to do. I want to ask her out but what if she says no? What if she doesn't like me?" I started to worry a bit. "Dude, don't sweat it. You know that she is into you. Don't worry about it." Connor said reassuringly. "Thanks Connor".

*Ding Dong*

I went to go get the front door and there I saw Jc, Kian, Ricky and Sam. "Hey guys I'm glad you could make it." I said to them with a smile. "Yeah we are really exited to meet this Kenzie girl of yours, Trev. Does she mean a lot to you?" Jc asked me. "More than anything..." I replied, wide eyed. "Then don't let her go" Jc patted me on the back and he walked away. I really thought about everything he just said to me. I can't let her go. She means so much to me. I don't want to loose her. She's so special, I am going to ask her out. Tonight. 

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