Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


18. Chapter 17

Chapter 17




Connor's POV:


I wonder why Maddie never showed up last night. I was kind of sad, but I hope she is ok. I have noticed that Sam has been acting weird lately. He has been a lot more...sweet. Is something wrong with him? I went to go talk to him to find out. 


*Knock Knock*

I knocked on Sam's door and he opened it. I saw him standing there with is arms around a girl. Oh great Sam, another girl you have brought home. What number are we on now like 1000?! "Hey Sam, can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked him. "Sure c'mon in" Sam smiled and I walked inside. We sat on the couch and the girl walked upstairs. "So, what's up?" Sam said and leaned forward with both of his hands in his lap. "I was just noticing that you have been acting differently lately. You have been a lot more upbeat and happy, and not to mention like 10x nicer" I said as I looked at Sam. "Well...I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Catie-" Sam started to say but I cut him off "Sam! You have had like a million girlfriends! They last a week and then you guys break up, and you and her are both heartbroken." I half said, half screamed at Sam. "No, you don't understand. She isn't like all of my past girlfriends, she's different." Sam said and he blushed. "She makes me feel like a different person, ya know?" Sam started. "Well I'm happy for you, but be careful, and don't break her heart. Treat her right. Don't be an asshole again Sam, just don't fuck up, ok?" I asked him. "Ok, I promise" Sam smiled. Catie walked down the stairs and came and sat by Sam. "Who's this?" Catie asked. "Oh, this is my friend Connor, Connor this is Catie" Sam introduced us. "Hey Catie" I said. "Hey Connor, nice to meet you." Catie smiled. "Well I have to go, bye Sam. And it was nice meeting you Catie" I said as I walked out the front door. I started to drive back to Trevor's house. Once I got there I saw Maddie sitting on the couch eating Nutella. "OH MY GOD! MADDIE!" I screamed as I ran up and kissed Maddie passionately. "I've missed you so much" Maddie sobbed> "I've missed you too" I cried. "Here, lets take your stuff over to my place and get you settled in" I said. We but all of her things in the car and drove back to my place. 




Kenzie's POV:


Trevor and I decided to take a walk down by the ocean and go get some pizza afterwards. We watched the sunset after we ate, it was beautiful. I cuddled up to Trevor as we laid in the sand. I'm glad that I have him. He is my everything. I love him..




Trevor's POV: 


I am in love with Kenzie and I have a feeling that we won't be breaking up anytime soon. I couldn't be happier.




*10 Years Later*




Connor's POV:

Maddie and I are no longer together but we are still very close friends. I have moved into an apartment with my friend Jack (Thatss0jack on YouTube) and I am currently single. 




Sam's POV:


Catie and I are married and she just gave birth to our son Nick. We moved out of the O2L house and we are starting our family. We have our own little house on the Cali beach and life couldn't get any better. 




Ricky's POV:


Ashley never came, a few days later she broke up with me. But I am currently dating my beautiful girlfriend, Shelby. And I am hoping on proposing soon. Shelby and I share an apartment.




Jc's POV:


Arianna and I are now engaged and soon to be married. We have moved out of the O2L house and are almost ready to start a family together. We have our own house in Cali, a little further away from the beach but still, a perfect view. 




Kian's POV:


Andrea and I are now married and have two children. One boy and one girl, Luke and Ava. We have moved out of the O2L house and have gotten our own place in California, by the beach. Are family is healthy and growing strong.




Trevor's POV:

Kenzie and I are now happily married. We have two children. Two girls, Brittany and Nicole. We are out of the O2L house and we have our amazing, healthy, strong family. My life is great and I couldn't be any happier. 











































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