Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


17. Chapter 16

Chapter 16




Arianna's POV:


When we got back to Kenzie's house, we told everyone that we were going out. “OH MY GOD AHH! I KNEW IT!" Kenzie said as she ran up to me and Jc and gave us a hug. "Now you, Jc, me, Kenzie, and Kian and Andrea can go on a triple date." Trevor said. "Yeah that would be so much fun" Kenzie said happily. I looked at Jc and we both smiled. He bent down and kissed my forehead. I couldn't stop smiling.




Trevor's POV:


I'm so happy for Jc and Arianna. But I am aware of Jc's past relationships, and those never ended well. They all ended up with the girl hating Jc and them never talking again, and if Arianna and Jc break up, it might tear me and Kenzie apart too because they are such close friends and I am close friends with Jc. I really hope that it doesn't happen. I suddenly became worried. I don't want to loose Kenzie, she is my world.




Kenzie's POV:


I was so exited that all six of us could go on a triple date! I checked twitter and read all of the hate mail that was directed at Arianna because of her and Jc's new relationship. I remember all the hate that I got when everyone found out that I was dating Trevor. I never took it too personally, because at the end of the day, I am the one who has his "D", not any of those basic bitches that were sending me hate. So fuck them. Ugh, I was really mad at all of the people that were sending out rude tweets. I blocked all of them. "Uhm guys...I know I should have told you all earlier but, I have a girlfriend too. Her name is Maddie, she is actually moving here tonight. I was going to tell you all earlier, I swear. But I could never find the right time. We have been dating for 6 months now. She is really sweet and is very friendly. I am sure all of you will like her. But not too much" Connor glared at Sam when he said the last part. We all know Sam's past. He has changed now, but the way he looks at me when we are alone is just...ew. I think that he still has feelings for me, deep down inside. And to be honest, it scares the living hell out of me because I don't know what kind of shit he would try and pull...again. If Sam tries to ruin Maddie and Connor's relationship, or Arianna's and Jc's...I will kick the living shit out of him, and I am not afraid to do it. "Oh my god congrats Connor!" Andrea said. We all clapped and Sam dog whistled, typical.




Andrea's POV:


Maddie and I have been close friends for a little longer than two years now. We met over instagram and we have skype, texted, and kiked each other since. We have never met each other in person, but now we are finally going to because she is moving here to L.A! I was so happy! I wonder why she never told me though. I don't know, maybe Connor wanted to tell us all in person or something. I just kind of brushed it off, probably no big deal anyways.




Ricky's POV: 


Would this be a good time to tell them about Ashley? No...not now. Maybe tomorrow. Ashley and I have been dating for 3 months. I've never told anyone because I never knew how to, and I didn't want Ashely to get any hate. She was actually going to come and move in with me in about a week or so. So I should probably tell everyone about her soon. "How about we all go and get some Taco Bell to celebrate?" I shouted. "Noooo Ricky! I am so sick and tired of Taco Bell, that's what we have been eating for the past week" Kenzie whined. "Ok..how about Starbucks?" I asked. "No that's a drink, not a meal" Kenzie said. "WELL RICKY NEEDS HIS JIGGLE JUICE!" I said while twerking and getting low. Everyone laughed. "Ok fine we can go to Starbucks AFTER we go get some real food. Does that sound good to everyone?"Kenzie asked. "Yes" We all said in unison. We all got in the car and drove to the nearest pizza place. How can you possibly turn down pizza? After we were finished eating, we drove to Starbucks. I was singing the whole way there, moving my arms around like I just don't care. "RICKY NEEDS HIS JIGGLE JUICE" I grunted and I ran out of the car and into Starbucks. I could hear everyone laughing behind me. Everyone got their frappes and we went back to Kenzie's house and watched a couple of horror movies on Netflix. We popped some popcorn and sat around being lazy ass motherfuckers. After the movies were over, we all headed upstairs to go to sleep. This was a very productive day, if I do say so myself. 











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