Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15




Kenzie's POV:


The next morning I call up my friend Arianna, she moved to L.A last year, to start up her YouTube career. We have always skyped and FaceTimed but now we are finally going to hang out, after so long! I called her up and she is going to come over in two hours. I needed to clean up the house. I went straight to the kitchen because thats where the whole mess was, after Connor and Ricky had a food fight in here yesterday, nobody decided to clean it up. I guess that's my job. After I cleaned the kitchen I went upstairs to take a shower. I got out of the shower to see Trevor standing by the sink. I think he just finished brushing his teeth because his tooth paste and tooth brush was still out on the counter. "OHMYGOD TREVOR!" I screamed, realizing that I was 100% naked. "Not like I haven't seen it before" he laughed and winked at the end. "Shut up" I laughed. "Hand me my towel, would ya?" I asked him. "After you come over here and give me a kiss." Trevor said. I got out of the shower, picked up my towel and playfully hit him with it. I walked into my room and got dressed. I put on some dark blue Hollister "booty" shorts (I don't know but that's what people call them), a pink floral crop top with my black vans. I put my hair up in a high pony tail. I put on a little bit of eye liner and mascara and went to go brush my teeth. Trevor was still in the bathroom, but he was now taking a shower. I started brushing my teeth, Trevor walked out of the shower and screamed. "Dat Asssss" I said to him as I laughed. "Oh shut up you love my boy. I am bootylicious!" Trevor stated. I started laughing and finished brushing my teeth. Arianna should be here in any minute so I went downstairs. All of the guys and Andrea were sitting on the couch watching t.v. They were watching Full House. I wanted to watch because I love that show but I would want to sit there and watch it all day so I decided to go into the kitchen and got a Twinkie to eat. (Healthy, am I right?)


*Ding Dong*


Oh that must be Arianna! I ran to go get the door and I saw her standing there drinking a Chocolate Chip frappe from Starbucks. I let her inside. "Hey Arianna!" I said. "Hey Kenzie! How have you been?" she asked. "Pretty good. Come over here and i'll introduce you to the O2L boys and Andrea, Kians' girlfriend." I said as we walked into the lounge. "Thats Ricky, Connor, Kian, Sam, Trevor, and Jc." I said as I pointed to all of them. Jc's eyes lit up when he saw Arianna walk in. I saw it, and I think that everyone saw, including Arianna. Ohmygod she's totally blushing! I have to set them up! They would be such a cute couple, and we could double date! I thought to myself. I saw Jc stand up and Arianna's face get even brighter by the second. Jc grabbed her hand and they walked into a different room. I didn't want to follow them, I was too lazy so I sat down next to Trevor on the couch and started watching t.v. 




Jc's POV:


When I saw Kenzie and Arianna walk into the room. I was blown away. She looked so beautiful. I need to get that (If you don't understand what that means then you should not be reading this fanfic.) I took Arianna into a different room and stared to talk to her. "Hey Arianna, do you want to go to Taco Bell with me for a bit?" I asked her. "Yeah, sure." she blushed. We walked down there because it was just down the street. We ordered and sat down at one of the tables by a window. We started playing 20 questions. She is really sweet. She has a YouTube channel too, she moved here to L.A to start a career for it. I've never seen her channel before, but I looked it up on my phone and it almost has one million subscribers. That's almost as O2L has. "You are beautiful, you know that?" I said. Oh shit did I really just say that out loud. Jc your a fucking idiot, I thought to myself. "Thank you" Arianna blushed. Damn, I really like her...




Arianna's POV:

Did Jc just call me beautiful? I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks. I think he noticed because all he did was smile. I really like him. I don't think that he would like me back. We grabbed our phones and walked out of Taco Bell. We started talking but Jc stopped where he was walking. "Arianna, I know we have just only met but I feel like I know you, and you know me, and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" Jc asked. Holy shit did he really jut ask me out. Is this real life?! "Yes of course I will go out with you" I smiled. Jc leaned in and kissed me passionately. The kiss lasted forever until we saw Ricky and Sam penny board by. "Ooh Jc, gettin' some!" Sam grunted as they rode by. We just shook it off and walked back to Kenzie's house, hand in hand." 





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