Just A Crush? (Trevor Moran Facfic)


13. Chapter 12



Sorry that the last chapter was so salty.



Chapter 12


Kenzie's POV:

I saw Sam walking into Starbucks. Shit, was he following me? You could notice that his eyes were bloodshot from crying. "Kenzie can we please talk?" Sam asked, his voice shaking. "Sam, I don't want to talk to you. All you ever were, was mean to me. I don't know what I ever did to you that would make you hate me" I cried. "Kenzie I am so so sorry. Please listen, I have always kind of liked you, ever since I first met you. I just got jealous of Trevor, and when I found out you were pregnant, with his kid, I was heart broken. So I said something to cover up my hurt. A joke." Sam continued. I stopped him "Well it wasn't a very funny joke." I spat as I grabbed my Cotton Candy frappe and rode back home. Sam came chasing after me, but I was just pretending that he wasn't there. I opened the front door and sat on the couch with Trevor, Connor, Ricky and Jc. They were watching Modern Family. I love this show so I decided to sit down next to Connor and watch it with them. "Hey why didn't you come and sit by me?" Trevor asked and pouted. "Ok fine i'll sit next to you then" I giggled. "Damn. I am being ditched for Trevor?! That's just cold." Connor said in his "sassy" voice. "Mmhmm!" Ricky said as he snapped his fingers. I started laughing and sat on the floor. Haha sorry not sorry guys. Sam came bursting through the door. "shit" I mumbled to myself. Trevor must have heard because he stood up and told Sam to leave me alone. "Sam I can't believe you! First you kiss my girlfriend and then you go and call her fat?! Your a sick bastard you know that!" Trevor screamed at Sam. "Fuck you! You don't deserve Kenzie. She is way to good for you. Once she finally realizes that she could be with me instead of you, she will come crawling back to me. You just fucking wait" Sam spat and started to walk out of the room until Trevor ran up to him and punched him right in the face. Sam tried to slap Trevor, but he missed and Trevor slapped Sam across the face. "Don't go near my girlfriend, and we won't have a problem." Trevor whispered into Sam's ear and walked over to me, and we went outside for a walk. 

Sam's POV: 

That prick. What the fuck. He is so full of himself. He doesn't deserve such a beautiful girl like Kenzie. God, I hope she breaks his heart into a million tiny pieces. That would be hilarious. I need to get Kenzie. I want her so badly, and if she won't have sex with me, then i'll just have to make her. 

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