Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


22. The first day with the boys


I woke up to my alarm and thinking last night was a dream I went to turn off my alarm and found Niall in my way. I looked the other way and Harry was there. How do I get out of bed without waking them up? I sat their thinking for a bit. And finally got the idea to put the covers under me and climb out of bed at the bottom. So as I was doing that I accidentally stepped on Louis stomach... He kinda screamed loudly and woke everyone else up... "What's wrong!?" Liam shot up saying. "Nothing." I said immediately. "Then why was Louis screaming?" Niall said rubbing his eyes. "She stepped on my stomach." Louis said rubbing it and whispering to it "it's okay stomach I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose." I tried not to laugh at him. "Sorry everyone I didn't mean to wake you all up.." "It's okay. We all need to get ready if we are going to school with you." Harry said. "Woah all of you are coming? I thought it was just one of you.." "It was supposed to be, but last night after you fell asleep we decided it would be best if we all went." Zayn said. "Okaaayyy and how exactly is that going to work?" Like questioned them. "Well only one of us will go to class with you. It could be a different boy each class. And the rest of us will be wondering the halls and making sure you stay in class." Louis said as he finally stopped rubbing his stomach. "What if I have to go to the bathroom? You guys aren't allowed in the girls bathroom." "well we will wait for you to come out and if you don't come out in a certain amount of time then we will force one of us to come in after you." "How much time do I have exactly?" "5 minutes" Harry said. "Wow you guys have this all figured out. Don't you?" "Yup we do." Niall said as his stomach rumbled. "Niall are you hungry?" "Yaaa... When's breakfast?" "Well I don't really eat breakfast cause I don't really have time... But you guys can go down and get some if you want." "what are you going to do?" Harry asked "well I'm gonna take a shower and get ready for school." "Oh right.. Come get us if you need us okay?" I nodded and they all left to go eat breakfast.

After I took a quick shower I blow dried my hair, put make up on an got dressed. Once my hair was fully dry i straightened it. I got done getting ready at 7:30am and I went downstairs to see the boys all ready to go and had my stuff in their hands. "I'm guessing you are all ready to come with me today?" "Yup!" Harry said. "Okay. Well I'm gonna get my lunch, put it in my bag and we will be ready to go" they nodded and I got my lunch together then put it in my bag. "Okay let's go then."

We all walked out and in my drive way I found screaming girls and a limo. "Are we taking a limo?" "Yes we are, unless you would rather take the bus?" Harry asked. "No the limo is fine. But how do we get to it with all of them?" "You basically walk really fast. I nodded and we all walked super fast to get in the limo.

When we got to my school I walked to my locker while the boys went to the office to get visitor passes. When I got to my locker I saw my locker filled with hate notes. I looked to see if the boys were coming and tried to gather them all up and throw them away. By the time I got to the garbage there was Harry looking at me then the notes. "What are those?" He said pointing to them. "Oh... Just... Stuff..." I said trying to throw them away and he blocked my way. "Can I see them?" "Why? There just notes I found on my locker.." "Diana let me see them." "No. There just stupid notes." As I said that he took all the notes from me and read a couple. "I'm gonna keep these with me." "Why? You aren't gonna show anyone are you?" I said nervously. "Just the lads" "really?" "Ya they need to know too" "I don't see what the big idea is really." I said crossing my arms. "The big deal is, is that I- I mean we care about you and they need to know too." "Alright I guess there isn't anyone I can stop you so... Take them." I said and turned back to my locker and got my stuff for my first class.

I looked at Harry "so I'm guessing you're my first chaperon?" "Yup I am." He said proudly. I chuckled and we walked to my class. Everyone was starring at us and whispering. I am guessing that they are talking about me. Well bad things about me.

Harry turned to me "don't let them get to you. They are just jealous." I sighed and nodded as we got into my class. I took my seat in the back of the class and Harry sat next to me.

After class Harry walked me to my locker "wow I'm actually happy I dropped out of school to go on the X factor. I wouldn't do well in high school." I laughed "it's really not that hard" "ya to you because you actually pay attention" I looked at him weird "i basically doodled the whole time." "Well still you know what your teacher was talking about. I had no clue" "ya guess that's true." I shrugged and when we got to my locker I saw Louis at my locker. "Oh yay Louis' turn to chaperon me!" I said a little sarcastic. "Have fun with him." Harry teased and I laughed as Louis have a little glare. "Okay Diana let's go to your next class which I believe is math." "How did you know that?" "Oh I asked the office for a copy of your schedule." "Well that's not stalkerish at all!" I said sarcastically again. "Just be happy we're here okay?" "I am happy! Really happy. I was just joking with you." He laughed "I know but let's get going so you aren't late." I nodded and waved to Harry.

As we got to my math class I sat in my assigned seat and Louis got to sit in the back by the teacher. This class I actually have to pay attention to because I suck at math.

After the teacher was done giving the lesson she handed out our homework and Louis came to my side to help me. "Did you understand any of that?" He whispered to me. "Kinda.. I suck at math though so I understood a little of it." "I understood most I it but not all of it." "Math is hard." "Ya it is. So happy I'm done with school." I chuckled a little and started on my homework.

After class Louis walked me to my locker and there I saw Niall. We walked up to him "ready for science Diana?" "Guess so." "Alright let's go" "okay bye Louis!" We walked to my science class. "So does everyone know my schedule?" "Ya we do. We figured out who is going to go to which class" "oh awesome" "yup" when we got to my class we sat in the back and Niall was allowed to sit next to me. While the teacher was teaching her lesson my mind wondered around the class. I started reading the stupid posters the teacher had on the walls. When she handed out the homework I just looked at it with a blank expression. "Let me guess. Mind wondered?" Niall asked "yaaa.... And now I don't know what to do.." "Well you lucky I actually did pay attention." I looked at him weird "really? You get it?" "Well kinda. It's complicated and I didn't exactly graduate high school..." I chuckled and started to do my homework the best I could.

After class Niall walked me to my locker to get my lunch. "Ohhh finally lunch! I'm so hungry!" I laughed "your always hungry though." "Exactly my point!" "Okay Niall." I got my lunch and sat down at the table I always do and the boys sat down by me. "So how's your day going?" I shrugged "good I guess.." "Lads I think you should take a look at these notes she got this morning." Harry said and I rolled my eyes. "Do you have to show them Harry?" "Yes Diana. They need to know." "Well I don't want to be around when you guys do. I already know what they all say." I said and got up and threw my food away that I never ate. I could hear them talk "did she just throw all of her food away?" Niall asked surprised. "Ya I think she did.." Louis said "does she ever eat? I havent seen her eat at all." Zayn said "Harry let me see those notes." Liam said and gestured to the notes. Harry handed them to him and got up. "Well I'm gonna go and see if she's okay." when I saw him get up I walked fast so they couldn't find me and when I turned the corner i bumped into my ex boyfriend Layton. "Watch where your going slut." He said as he saw it was me. I just looked down and shrugged past him. "Oh and tell all your boyfriends to go home and get a real girl!" He yelled to me. I turned to him "they aren't my boyfriends Layton!" "Well why are they following you everywhere like a lost puppy?" "I don't know why don't you ask them!" "No thank you. Plus aren't they like really older then you? Did you go from boys your own age to older men?" He teased and I rolled my eyes and ran to the bathroom. I thought to myself. 'Okay it hasn't even been a day and I already want to cut. I can't handle this!' I paced the bathroom and thought about the razor I have in my backpack. I went to the bathroom door and looked to see if they were around and when I thought the cost was clear I ran to my locker and got the razor out. As soon as I shut my locker I found Zayn right there. He looked at my hand with the razor and back at me. "Diana what are you doing?" I looked down at my hand and put it behind my back. "Uhhhh nothing..." He grabbed my hand and took the razor away "hey give that back!" "No Diana. Do we have to take every sharp object away from you?" I crossed my arms "no. I was doin fine till lunch." "Don't lie to me Diana. We read those notes. Don't worry we know none of that is true. But you can't do this anymore Diana." By this time I had tears in my eyes. "Let me do it just once? It can be out secret." He looked me like 'are you kidding Diana?' "Okay gosh never mind." "I can't believe you would ask me that Diana" "I said never mind geez" "why did you ask that?" "Just forget it please! Can we just go to my next class?" He sighed and nodded.

When we got to class I sat in my assigned seat which is next to roses and Zayn had to sit next to the teachers desk. Rose turned to me "let me guess? You wrote to them about your 'problems'?" He air quoted the last word and I just rolled my eyes. "Look I'm sorry okay." She said and I turned to her "sorry? Sorry about what exactly?" "Everything. Turning on you and talking bad about you." "Wow thanks but apology not accepted." "Whatever. That's the last time I try apologizing to you." "Good. How about you never talk to me again?" I said and tried to pay attention to the teacher. I looked over at Zayn and he had a worried confused expression on his face and I gave him a look that said 'don't worry about it' and he gave one back saying 'we'll later about it' I sighed and looked at the clock waiting for the class to be over.

When the bell rang Zayn came up to me "what was that all about at the beginning of the class?" "Nothing don't worry about it" "Diana I think you should tell me" "fine. That was Rose and she was being cocky and she thought I was going to forgive her because she turned on me and talked behind my back. Happy now?" I said and walked fast to my locker where I saw Liam waiting for me. "Finally last class of the day." I mumbled to myself. "So are we ready to go to my next class?" I said. Okay so I was grumpy. That last class always puts me in a bad mood. "Sorry Liam... Can we just go? I want to get this day over with." "Ya sure lets go." He said and we headed to my last class. "So what put you in a grumpy mood?" "Rose did." "Ohhhh... What did she do?" "Pretended to apologize to me." "I'm sorry Diana. Don't let her get to you." "It's hard not to" "I know but you'll get it through it. Your a strong girl" "ya thanks" I said smiling slightly.

When we got to my last class I sat in my seat and Liam sat by the teachers desk. This class is study hall so it was really boring since my homework was mostly done and I didn't feel like doing it. This class is the shortest and by the time it ended Liam came up to me. "Well that was a fun class" he said sarcastically. "Oh ya the funniest!" I said sarcastic to him back. "So are we all meeting at my locker or just at the limo?" I asked. "The limo but I need to make sure you get there." "I'm not a baby." "We know. We just care for you." "Right.." We went to my locker and I got all my stuff and went to the limo to meet the other boys.

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