Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


23. The boys talk


So today we all went to school with her. And I can I just say that I'm so happy I dropped out? School looks hard and looks like a lot of work to do. Well after when we all got home Diana went up to do homework and us boys sat on her couches down stairs to talk. "Dianas school there just so mean to her. Why would se want to stay?" I said. "Maybe to show how tough you are. You don't want them to think your weak." Liam said. "Those notes from her locker were just terrible." Niall said. "ya her ex best friend isn't so nice either." Zayn said "what happened in that class?" Louis asked. "Well at the beginning of the class they started talking then you could actually feel the tension between the two. Like you did not want to bother any of them." Zayn told us. "Oh ya before I went to that class with her I found this." He took a razor out of out of his pocket. "She was gonna secretly cut because of a guy said something to her" we all looked shocked. "Well this settles it. We need to tell her mum about all this." I said. "I agree. Maybe when she gets home we will have a meeting with her and talk to her" Niall said. "Ya let's do it." Louis said. "Alright it's settled then, we talk to her mum" Liam said and Zayn just nodded while flipping the razor between his hands. "Should we show her the razor too?" He asked. "Ya I think we should" I said. Everyone nodded and we all stood up to go upstairs to tell Diana what we decided to do.

When we got up stairs we knocked on the door and walked in. Diana was doing homework with headphones in her ears. "Diana." I said while shaking her and she looked up startled and took her headphones out. "Ya?" She said. "You want to know what we decided?" She looked at us a little scared and nodded slowly. "Well we decided that it would be best to tell your mum." Liam said. "What!? I thought you said that was only going to happen if I cut again!" She yelled. "Well you almost did today and if I didn't stop you, you would have cut." Zayn said. "But.." "No buts Diana. We made up our mind." Louis said. "Why though?" "Because you need to go to a different school where people are nicer to you." I said. "B-but..." "Seriously Diana no buts." I said. "Alright. Fine." She said and just looked at hands. "Hey look on the bright side. You get a new start." I said sittin next to her. "Ya guess so. But I'll be living so far from my mom." "You'll be living with your dad though." "Ya in England with my step mom, my brother and half sisters." "England is not a bad place. The people there are really nice. Plus you'll be living closer to us." I said smiling. She looked at me and smiled slightly. "ya that's a plus to it" "so you'll let us tell your mum then?" "Ya I guess so. I don't really have a choice." "That's what I thought" I said smiling. "What time does you mum get home?" Niall said. She looked at the clock. "Umm in like and hour or so." We nodded. "Finish your homework and we will he downstairs cooking dinner to thank your mum for letting us stay here" Liam said. She nodded and put her headphones back on while we walked out.

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