Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


4. Second letter

(2 weeks later)


Dear One Direction,

Hi it's me again Diana. I don't know if you ever got my last letter but I have decided to keep writing you to see if that helps at all with my problem. I haven't cut for 2 weeks now, and my scars are starting to disappear. The girls at school are still being mean and bullying me everyday I swear it gets worse. They just won't stop with all of it. My best friend Rose has been acting weird lately. She hardly talks to me anymore. What if she turns on me too? She's my only friend. I can't loose her.

Well I'll let you get going with your lives.

Love always,

Diana winters.

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