Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


25. packing up


So after the boys told me what happened I was relieved my mom wasn't mad. I was so scared she was gonna be mad at me. There was a silence after they told me and a couple of minutes later my mom came into the room "Diana sweetheart you need to start packing to move. You leave this weekend." I nodded and she came to hug me. She hugged me for like 5 minutes. After she left I looked at the boys. "Help me pack up?" I asked. "Ya sure thing babe" Harry said and everyone just looked at him. "Did you just call me babe?" I asked blushing a little. "Uhh nope I don't think I did." He said a bit embarrassed. "Yes you did." "Hmm nope don't think so" "Harry you did call her babe. We all herd" Louis said laughing a little. "Ohhh Harry likes Diana!" Niall said. I just sat there blushing a bit and went to my closet before anyone saw and grabbed all my clothes that were in there. "Oh shut up Niall!" Harry said going bright red. I thought it was cute he liked me. I grabbed my suitcase and filled it up with clothes and other things like pictures all that.

After a long time of packing I had my room mostly all done packing. It was around 10pm when it was mostly done and I laid on my bed exhausted. "You tired?" Harry asked me and I nodded while curling into a little ball. "I am too" Niall yawned. "Same here" Louis said. "Let's just all to go to bed then." Liam said "and finish helping her pack tomorrow." We all agreed that was a good idea and went to bed where everyone fell asleep yesterday.

The next day was a Saturday so I didn't have school and I was leaving tomorrow for my dads. I woke up by myself and turned over to find Harry laying by me. I smiled at him and woke up then got out bed quietly this time and opened up my blinds so the sun would shine in the room. "Woah!" Niall said jumping up "close the sun!" Louis said. I laughed as they all began to wake up. "Yay your all awake now" I said happily. "Why are you such in a good mood?" Harry asked rubbin his eyes. "Because today is a Saturday. No school. Which means I have a whole day to pack before I leave tomorrow" the boys nodded and Harry fell back on the bed tiredly. "Come on guys get up I need help if I'm gonna be ready to leave in the morning" "can't we have breakfast first?" Niall asked. "Sure. I'm sure my mom made something for you guys downstairs." Niall was the first one out the door and all of us followed him to downstairs. Are enough my mom had made eggs, bacon sausage for breakfast. We all sat down and ate some food. After Niall had his 4th plate of food we all went upstairs to pack.

When we all got upstairs we started packing again. There wasn't too much to pack since we packed most of it all last night. We just finished doing the boxes when it became around 3pm. We were all pretty tired by then. I looked around my room. "We did good for the short time we had" I said. "Ya it looks so...empty.." Zayn said and we all nodded. "Oh crap!" "What?!" Harry asked. "I forgot to leave out clothes for me to wear tomorrow..." "Oh... Well let's get some out then." Niall said. I chuckled and opened two boxes to get a t-shirt and jeans out of the boxes then closed them up again.

Around 4pm we decided to go watch a movie, so we all went downstairs to pick one. They looked through the movies and we decided to watch inception since none of them had seen it. I put the movie in and sat down by Harry on the couch. He scooted closer to me and I smiled. Once the movie began we all just watched the movie and my mom brought us popcorn to eat. Niall ate most of it but I was to into the movie to have any.

Once the move ended around 6:45pm my mom made dinner so we sat down at the table to eat. When we all got done eating around 7:30pm I was really tired and we decided to watch one more movie to fall asleep to. So we went back to the tv and picked out tangled to watch. I cuddled next to Harry and laid on his lap while he rubbed my back and played with my hair. Sure enough I fell asleep at the beginning of the movie.


We watched inception then had dinner and we are now watching tangled. I love this movie its a good Disney movie. Diana fell asleep on Harry and Harry fell asleep after he took a picture of her sleeping to show 'how cute she is sleeping' Diana does look cute sleeping I admit she's a cute girl. Why does Harry always get the girls? Maybe I had a crush on her too but never told anyone. And now Harry has her. Well they aren't dating so I guess I still have a chance.

I looked around and saw that everyone fell asleep so I decided to try to sleep too, so I laid down and closed my eyes. I stared at the ceiling for awhile but I couldn't sleep. I tossed for a bit and when I found a comfy position I fell asleep.

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