Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


3. At school again


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock on Wednesday morning. I looked outside and saw the light shinning in my window. I sighed and dragged myself out of bed. I went to my bathroom and turned the shower on, I undressed and saw my stupid scars on my stomach. I flinched at them and wiped the tears away from my eyes. When the water was hot enough I got in and took a short shower. When I got out I blow dried my long brunette hair and got changed into a long sleeved blue shirt and jeans. I did my makeup and went downstairs to see my little sister and my mom already at the table. "Hello sweetie" my mom said while she poured a cup of coffee. "Morning mom." I faked a smile and say down and grabbed a muffin. "Hello sissy!" My 6 year old sister Annalise said to me. "Hey baby girl." I smiled and kissed her head then looked at the time. "Oh I got to start heading to school. Bye mom! Bye Anna!" I kissed my mom and sister goodbye and headed to school. I walked to school because I don't have a car yet and I don't like taking the bus.

On my way to school my friend Rose pulled over. "Hey Diana! Need a lift?" I looked over and gave a small smile "uh ya sure" I hopped in the passenger seat of her convertible. "Ready for another day of school!?" She said sarcastically. "Oh ya totally!" I also said with a sarcastic tone. We both laughed and she turned on the radio to full blast and jammed out to the music the rest of the way to school.

One we got to school we got out and headed to our lockers. On the way some of the popular girls came up to me "hey slut. Where do you think your going?" Said Britney the leader. "No where" I mumbled. "What's that? I didn't hear you. Are you going to make out with another guy in the janitors closet?" They all laughed and just walked past them and went to my locker while they all laughed. I felt the tears started to come through to my eyes and I hurried and blinked them away. "There just jealous Di. Don't listen to them" Rose said to me. I smiled at her slightly and just put my stuff in my locker and grabbed the binder and book I needed for my first class.

It was lunch and I went to my locker to get my sacked lunch. After I got it I headed to the lunch room to go find Rose. When I got there I saw sitting in our usual spot and I went to sit next to her. "Hey" I smiled and sat by her. "Hi" "so happy it's lunch now" "me too I was so hungry!" We both laughed. "Only 2 more classes then school is over!" I said and took a bite out of my sandwich. I felt eyes on me and I turned to see Britney and her friends laughing at me. I looked away and looked down. I didn't really feel hungry anymore. "You want my food Rose?" "I thought you just said you were hungry?" "I changed My mind.." I shrugged and pushed my food to her. "Here have it." She looked at me funny "I don't want your food Diana. You need to eat. I hardly ever see you eat now." "I just haven't been that hungry I guess.." I looked at my phone and checked the time. "Goodness can't school just be over now?" I sighed and put my phone away.

After lunch we headed to our lockers again to get out stuff for our next class. "Hey I'm gonna use the rest room real quick. I'll meet you in class" I faked a smile to her and left for the bathroom. When I was about to enter the bathroom I ran into Sophie one of Britney's minions is what I like to call them. "Hey whore where you going?" Oh did I mention Sophie and I used to be best friends till she turned on me? Well ya now she's all popular and I'm her target. "The bathroom. What does it look like?" "You going in there to makeout with some random guy?" She laughed "you know Sophie I'm sick of your crap." I was sick and tired of this. "Your just jealous because I actually have friends and you don't." "I have Rose and she's a better friend then you ever were!" "She'll turn on you eventually. Everyone else did." She shrugged and looked at her manicure. "You unbelievable." I rolled my eyes and shrugged past her. "Don't let the door hit your fat bum on the way out!" She called out laughing.

I looked at myself in the mirror and blinked the tears away again. I sighed and went to the bathroom. When I was done I headed to class and got there late. I got yelled by the teacher when she was done I sat down by Rose. She looked at me. "Hey you okay?" She whispered to me. "Ya I'm fine.. Why?" I whispered back. "You were gone for awhile." "I ran into Sophie on the way to the bathroom." "Ohhh that must have been fun." "Ya not really." I shrugged. "I'm sorry Diana." I faked a smile to her "it's all good don't worry about me" and looked up at the board trying to pay attention to what Mrs Brown was saying.

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