Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


6. All goes downhill


I woke up to my alarm and did my usual morning routine. Shower, blow dry, makeup, get dressed, and do hair. After I was done getting ready for school I went downstairs and grabbed an apple for breakfast and started walking to school.

When I got to school I saw notes ALL over my locker. I ran up to it and read some of the notes. 'SLUT!' Or 'go kill yourself whore' and also 'you fat pig!' ok this is by far the worst thing that's happened to me this year. I hurried and tore them off my locker and threw them away. After I threw them away I hurried to the bathroom and locked the stall door. I started crying. I grabbed my bag and rummaged through my backpack and found a razor. I lifted up my shirt and made a cut. It was a deep one but not too deep. I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up the blood the best I could. After it stopped bleeding I got out of my stall and cleaned up my makeup and put on a little more. I looked at myself once more in the mirror sighed and walked out of the bathroom to my next class.

~lunch time~

At lunch I got my lunch bag and went to the cafeteria, looked for Rose and she wasn't at our table. I looked for her and when I was about to give up looking I saw her... With Britney and her clique.. I looked Rose in the eyes and she just acted like I wasn't even there! I looked down and went to sit by myself.

I could not stop thinking about how she just practically turned on me. How could she!? We've been best friends since kindergarten! And just now decides to turn on me! I can't believe she would do this to me.

After I ate lunch I went to my next class and Rose is in that class with me. I gave her a dirty look then looked back at the board. "What was that look for?" She whispered to me. "How could you Rose?" I said back to her. "Do what?!" "Oh you know what!" She rolled her eyes at me "whatever Diana. Your just jealous because I'm actually making friends now and your not." I beyond angry now. She knew exactly what was going on and she was playing dumb.

~after school~

After school ended I got on the bus, sat down near the middle, put my headphones in and waited for my stop. I couldn't wait to get home. My mom was staying late at work and my sister doesn't get home from school for another hour. So I have time to myself.

When I got home I went up to my room and pulled my shirt up. A new scar was already forming from where I cut earlier today. I stood up and walked to mg dresser and took out my hand mirror I broke a long while ago and made two new fresh ones. I couldn't help it. I had to do it, it took the pain away. After the bleeding stopped I put the glass back in the drawer and got my homework out. After I did my homework I decided to call it a day. I wasn't really hungry anyways. So I got on pjs and went to bed.

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