Dear 1D (finding her)

Diana has been getting bullied and decided to write one direction. She doesn't think they will read their letter but less does she know they read her letter and feel bad for her! What's gonna happen to her life after something amazing happens!?


13. 1D's turn to write


Dear Diana winters,

Thanks for the personal letter. And to answer your question it would be really hard for me to tell my mom. But I honestly think you should tell her. Maybe with help though you could tell your mom. Telling your mom could be the best thing for you to do. Think about it okay?

With much love,

Harry Styles


Dear Diana Winters,

This letter is from all of us boys (besides Harry. He wrote you a different letter) we are all gonna say something to you in different paragraphs.

Hey! Nialler here! I think you should tell your mom. It could be the best thing for you to do. And I would like it if you kept us updated on what's been going on.

Louis here! Telling your mom could be the best. So what if she has you move with your dad. It doesn't seem like you have any friends where you live. I know Texas could be a great place but maybe it's for the better if you move.

Zayn now. Being bullied is a tough thing to go through, especially in high school. Telling a grown up is the smartest thing to do. Especially if it's gone this far.

Liam is here now. I know being bullied is a rough thing. I know from experience. I was bullied a lot in school. It's a really tough thing to go through. I also know how tough it could be to tell someone. My friend made me tell my mum and dad. We all know that you are strong enough to handle this. We all think you should tell your mum about it.

With much love

The one direction boys

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