Just The Hotel Girl

While staying one week in San Diego, Harry Styles falls for Savannah, a hotel worker. Little does he know who she really is. What happens when he finds out who she really is? Will he stay or will he leave forever?


1. Hotel Check In

Harry P.O.V

"Alright one week stay am I correct?" The hotel manager says to Paul.

"Uh yes. That's correct." He responds as the man hands him 6 room keys.

"There's a key for you too sir. In case any of your keys many describe due to being to close to any electrics such as phones or tablets come down here and we'll give you another key!" He said with an cheerful smile.

"Bring Derek down here to help with the bags." The man said as a skinny tall man walked out from behind the counter.

"I'll lead you to your rooms boys." He said as if he already knew us.

I started to put my bags up on the trolly along with the other luggage as I felt someone nudge me.

I looked up to see Niall eyeing the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

She had long wavy brown hair that cascades down her back, her skin was slightly tanned showing off her chocolate brown eyes. She was not that tall but not short either, perfect height and a toned body. The type of girl that hit the gym once or twice.

She caught me glancing at her and I winked as she blushed.

"I'll be seeing you soon Miss. Savannah tonight I presume?" The manager asked.

"Yes Earl I'll be here." She said with a warming smile as she left the hotel doors.

"Man I'd like to see some of that tonight too that huh?" Niall laughed as we watched her leave.

"Ya? That's what you think. Before you know it she'll be mine!" I say pleased with myself.

The elevator doors opened as the 7 of us hurried in taking most of the room up.

Once the doors opened Derek guided each of us to our rooms. As much as I love rooming with the boys, sometimes it's just nice to be alone.

"If you boys need anything at all just give the front desk a call, just hit pound than 9." He said as he disappeared around the corner.

I examined the room while closing the door, happy that it was quite clean and big. Lots of space. I started to unpack my bags and put things away when I heard my phone beep.

From: Z:)

We're heading out to a club. Meet us in the lobby in 10

To: Z:)

See you then.

I changed into a white shirt and some blue jeans before putting on a green beanie along with an unbutton plaid shirt and headed down.

Like usual I was the first one done. I started looking around the lobby and saw the pretty brunette from before.

"Hi." She said as she caught my glance.

"Hello. I'm Harry." I said with a slight nervous wave.

"I'm Savannah." She said with a laugh, her brown eyes sparkling.

"Um, we're heading out. Would you care to join us?" I asked while grabbing the back of my neck.

"I'm actually busy tonight. But how about tomorrow? I'm free then!" She replied.

"Sounds good. Let me just put my number into your phone. You can do the same." I said while I handed her my phone taking hers.

"See you later Savannah." I said as she was headed for the elevator.

When the door opened I quickly recognized the other 4 heads staring at me.

I watched as Niall whispered something into Savannah's ear as she entered the elevator. I watched her laugh before he stepped out and the doors closed.

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