Just The Hotel Girl

While staying one week in San Diego, Harry Styles falls for Savannah, a hotel worker. Little does he know who she really is. What happens when he finds out who she really is? Will he stay or will he leave forever?


5. Falling for Dimples

Savannah's POV

I hurried out of the hotel and rushed to get to my apartment which was a only a 15 minute drive from the hotel. 

Stumbling into my apartment i saw that i had two missed calls and 1 new voicemail. As i made my way to my room i played the message.

"Hey Savannah. It's Derek. I hope you don't have anything planned tonight because I'll be stopping by your place tonight to pick you up. Look good for me babes." 

I didn't even know what to think.. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water to compose myself. Rather i get dressed and pretend I'm not at home or I try to get ready super quickly and hope not to run into Derek on the way out.

Rushing to throw on something nice, I scanned my closet for something to wear. Sure i was rushing but i still wanted to look good. 

I found a peach colour dress and grabbed my nude colour pumps that match my nude clutch and made my way to the bathroom. Touching up my make up and throwing my hair into a messy bun was effortless and only took a few minutes.

Hoping i had grabbed everything i needed and that i looked alright i started to head towards the door when i heard a knock. 

I froze in place knowing exactly who it was. The question that kept popping into my head was how did he know where i live?

I knew that i would rather have to wait it out in here or i would have to walk out the door. Taking off my pumps so i would make less noise as i walked towards the couch and quickly grabbed my phone and saw a message.

From: Sexy H 

You know where my room is right?

I decided that i was just going to have to wait it out a bit. I told myself i would wait no longer then 15.

Harry's POV

I checked my phone and saw that she had answered.

"What did she say mate?' Louis asked as he was in my room and i had filled him in on my day and my plans for dinner with her.

"Ya she said and i quote 'I'll be there soon! And don't worry i remember your room from the other night : )' I never remember having her in my room though?" I asked as both Louis and i sit there looking puzzled.

"Wait maybe she was the one who brought you back home from the club the other night when you were drunk?" 

"No that doesn't add up because i don't remember seeing her there that night. So i don't know. I guess we'll just have to find out when she gets here."

If she comes." Louis remarks with a chuckle.

"Louis i have a feeling she will. I don't think she would stand me up. After all i am Harry Styles right?" I say as i spin around joking.

"Exactly! And if she doesn't go on this date tonight with you and you already made some reservations then count me in!" He says all excited.

"Now i really hope she doesn't show up!" He adds.

Savannah's POV

It had been past 15 minutes and Derek was still outside my door. I decided that i would just run out the door and try to go for the stairs. 

After getting a bigger bag because i had put my pumps in those to be able to run without twisting an ankle. 

I slowly unlocked the door hoping that i hadn't made any noise. I then proceeded to slowly open the door. Once i had enough space i opened the door and burst out slamming the door behind me. I heard Derek yelled out my name but i kept on running towards the stairs. Instead of running down stairs i hurried up two floors and then ran towards the elevator. I clicked the garage button. I hoped and prayed that he hadn't followed me up but instead be convinced that i had ran downstairs.

I was calm in the elevator until it stopped on my floor. I held my breath and moved as far to the side as i could so that even if the door opened you wouldn't be able to see me in there.

Luckily no one came in and the doors closed before continuing its way down to the garage. I started to breath easy. Like the elevator usually does, it stopped on the main floor before going down.

As soon as the doors opened i saw an angry Derek standing outside. Thinking he hadn't noticed me i moved to the side only to have someone grab me from behind and spin me around.



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