One Direction Imagines

I'll write some imagines with the boys, feel free to come up with suggestions :)


2. The boys hearing Harry's first 'I love you" - for Elin.

You cuddled up in a couch in the livingroom in the apartment where the boys lived temporarily. Harry was lying down, watching tv, with you laying on his chest, hearing his heart beat and feeling the heat from his body. You had this feeling that he was looking at you, but ignored it. He put his arm around you and pulled you closer to him, hugging you real tight. You giggled. 
"So, when are the boys coming home?" you asked, and turned your head a bit, so you could se his big curly hair, but not enough to see his face. "In a couple of hours, babe," he said and kissed your blonde hair, making you giggle again. "Hpmhrr," he then said, "you have hair, like, everywhere hon, im getting it in my mouth." You turned your body so you were facing him. "Excuse me?" you said, with a confused smile. He cracked up, making you fall down from the couch, and then he started to tickle you so you were screaming and kicking. You ended up crying from laughter, and he stopped. He was on top of you, with one leg on each site of your body, holding your arms down on the floor. "I win babe," he said with his cute raspy voice and accent. He bend down and gave you a quick kiss, leaving you wanting more.

"We're hoooooooome!" you heard Louis say, and tried to get up, but Harry held you down. He was alot stronger than you, and you had no chance against him. He gave you a cheeky smile, showing his dimples. 
"Heeeeelp," you yelled for fun, but Harry covered your mouth. His hands were almost bigger than your face. He started tickling you again, and you started laughing. Accidently you hit him in the nuts with your knee, and he rolled down beside you, holding his crotch. You could tell it really was really hurting him. Louis and Niall's heads suddenly showed from the kitchen. 
"Hi lovebirds, what's up-...." Niall looked worried at Harry, "what happened?"
You couldn't say a thing, and Louis were laughing. "Looks like someone had fun," he said, and Harry told him to shut up, before he rolled around again. 
"Ehm, I kicked him, I mean accidently, Iike, it wasn't on purpose, my knee in his, you know.." you blushed. Liam and Zayn had joined the other guys, and heard what you said. They all looked at eachother, then cracked up. "You're on your own now, we won't disturb you guys," Liam said, and pushed the rest of the guys out of the room. Louis winked at you, making you laugh. 
You looked in Harry's green eyes. You could lay here forever. He looked intense into your eyes, then sat up pulling you with him. He cupped your head with his big hands, and looked straight into into your blue eyes. Your hair was really messy, and he removed a lock of hair from your face. You couldn't move, and you just looked at him. His hair, his mouth, his jawline, his nose. Everything about him. You really loved him, but you didn't had the courage to say it. 

"I love you, you know that right babe?" he said, looking in your eyes for answer. You didn't say anything, you just kissed him passionate. He stopped the kiss, looking worried. You couldn't take looking at him like this. "I LOVE YOU TOO!" you said with a big smile, he then laughed and kissed you.
You heard cheer from the kitchen, and Louis singing: "I WANT FIRST ROW AT THE WEDDING!!"

Weeee, second imagine done! This one is for Elin, I hope you liked it. I was kind of in a hurry when i wrote this, but yeah :) As I said before, just bring on the suggestions! x

- oh and i have a question! I don't know how you guys feel about dirty imagines, but if you ask for it, I'll do it :) 



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