Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


9. you need to know the truth

Harry pov


Omg I can't believe that I was so mean to him, why couldn't I just say that I missed him and that I still love him. Well My face hurt, he punched me really hard actually, but I don't feel the pain because my heart broke in a million pieces. I snapped out of thoughts when I got a text message


Haz, I'm so sorry can you forgive me. I want you to know that I love you and that I miss you. It was wrong to punch you but I was so angry because you said that about eleanor and I know you're not a manwhore. Please can we meet to talk about it.

Xx -L


What am I going to do with him, his so cute and he does things to me that someone else can't he's my first love, and I want him to be my last K texted back but my tears started to fell on my screen I couldn't see properly


Lou, I get it please just give me time to think, I let you know when I'm ready to talk

xx -H


I really need time to think, but before that I get serious I need a drink. When I arrived at my usual club, I saw a girl standing outside she was so beautiful, well she can take my mind of of things so I asked her inside and payed a few drinks for her, I really didn't care about her, all this time that she's here with me I realise that there's no one else that I can love. 'euhmm.. Hey I'm sorry but I really have to go' I said quickly 'Here's my number for when you need company or something' 'euhm thanks...' Woww she's needy, I think that it was clear that I don't want to talk to her but anyway I need to get home. I stepped in my car and l listened to the radio, I broke when just a dream started playing, yeah I know it's stupid to cry over a song but it reminded me of louis and how happy we were and just like the song sais 'it was only just a dream' I know that I pissed him of but I'm going to tell him right now how I feel about him.


Louis pov


I got home crying and walked to my room with my head down. I ran upstaires when I bummed into someone and when I looked up it was zayn 'hey man is everything ok?' 'No, nothings ok, harry hates me for what I've done. I hurt him too much' I started crying again so zayn walked to my room to get some privacy, well not that the others can't know about the problems but niall is just niall he's always happy and I don't want to ruin his mood, and liam would be to protective and would worry about everything. 'So louis, why do you think that harry hates you so much' 'well I was at the parking from the parc when we started arguing and I got so mad that I punched him' 'louis what were you thinking, that boy is madly in love with you,you can't just punch him' 'he really loves me?' Yes, ofcourse didn't you noticed that' 'well eeuh.. Not really' Why was I so stupid I was so busy with my own feelings that I forgot about harry's feelings. 'Zayn what can I do?' 'Tell him what you feel' that was a good idea I'll wait till he's home 'thank you zayn, you are amazing' 'ofcourse I am, just kidding, but I have to go perrie is waiting' 'ok, have fun zayn' 'always, bye' 'see ya' well maybe I need to calm down, so I turned the tv on for the first time there was nothing that I wanted to watch. Well maybe I can do a twitcam it's a long time ago that I did one and I love to answer the questions from the fans. 'Heey guys long time I did a twitcam, who missed me' I said with a big smile 'so who has a question for me' woww their are alot of questions but most of them are the same 'how are you and harry? We are good we are best friends if that's what you mean' god what can I answer on this I don't know what we are 'is larry real? No it's not' I hate to lie, what am I saying I'm not a liar me and harry are over 'do you regret something? Yes I do but i'm trying to fix it' 'can you sing something? Yeah sure

What if I had never let you go

Would you be the man I used to know

If I'd stayed

If you'd tried

If we could only turn back time

But I guess we'll never know


If only we could turn the hands of time

If I could take you back would you still be mine


I was almost crying so I said a quick goodbye and shut my laptop. Damn why am I so weak, I hope harry comes home soon cause I can't handle this anymore he needs to know how I feel about him and I will do anything to make him listen.


-sorry guys , my chapters aren't that good and I'm going to update less cause School starts today-

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