Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


2. why

liam was staring at harry becaus he was afraiid that harry would hurt himself. But harry was stubborn and kept punching he was mad


*'will you go out with me' harry asked nervous louis didn't know what to say, sure he knew that he liked harry but he thought that harry was straight you know, harry kept staring becaus he was waiting for the answer and louis just nodded becaus he was so happy and he didn't trust his voice.*


harry just smiled for a moment, he remembered the first date it was perfect, but he got angry the moment he thought furder than that night


*it wasn't strange for harry to stay at louis place after they went out, 'everything will change' louis said to harry when they were lying on the bed, harry knew that louis was right but said 'it will always be you and me, no one can come between us OK?' 'I promise, I love you' 'I love you too' harry cupped the back of louis neck and pulled him forward, their lips pressed together in a very familiar way, it was nice and slow'*


harry kept punching and his fist were starting to bleed, that's the moment that liam stopped harry and pulled him away from the bag and took him back to the changing room, harrry was so mad that he started to scream from frustration 


*harry i think we need to talk' louis said sad, harry didn't really notice loiuis sadness so just smiled and said it was fine ' harry they would never let us be together they would hate us as a couple' harrys smile fainted 'what are you trying to say lou' 'well they wouldn't accept us so I thought...' 'lou please, please don't tell me that you are breaking up with me'harry started to cry 'sorry harry I see no other way, they will never let us be together' 'So you just give up on us' harry was crying and screaming louis didn't know what to do so he said goodbye and left harry alone in his room *



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