Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


11. what now

Harry pov


I lean in and hope he will to but he didn't his eyes are filled with fear?? Why is he afraid? Omg what am I doing he has a girlfriend and I actually like her cause she makes louis happy, I can't destroy there happiness. No you can"t back down you need to know if he really feels the same for you. I was so close I felt his warm breath on my lips, i got closer to him. That's when our lips met each other, he didn't kiss me back so I pulled away 'I-I'm so sorry I s-shouldn't h-have' damn I wished he would kiss me back he looked shocked. 'No harry it's okay I'm glad you did that' 'and why is t...' I couldn't finish my sentence cause he crashed his lips against mine. Before the kiss got to passionated I was the one that broke the kiss. 'Harry, what's wrong?' 'We can't do this louis, you have a girlfriend' 'harry I need to tell you something and I hope that you don't be mad at me after I told you' what can be so bad that I would be mad at him besides I love him and can't be mad be at him 'ok I promise that i'm not going to hate you'


Louis pov


Now i need to tell the truth, how am I going to tell him. 'Harry you need to know why I broke up with you and it's not easy to tell because I'm not allowed to tell someone' I sight 'lou, what is it, you can tell me everything' I really can't tell him but I have to 'haz, I can't be with you bec...' 'You already told me that lou. I get it' ugh he's so impatient 'haz let me talk please' 'oh ok sorry' 'I can't be with you because management found out about our relationship and told me to break up with you' I felt tears in my eyes. 'So you broke up just because they told you' 'N-no it's not like that, they told me that if we would stay together that they would replace us in the band' the first tear started to roll over my cheek and many tears followed 'they can't do that, what's their fucking problem' 'haz please calm down and listen that was not whole the story' 'oh it get better?' Damn he's mad what now? 'Well euhm after I broke up with you I was depressed and management told me that I needed to date someone and they told me to date with eleanor, she didn't know about it but told her the truth after you said to her that we were a couple, she didn't understand why management would do something like that' That was really hard to tell him without crying 'lou why didn't you tell me we were so strong together' that's true we were the best team. 'I know but I'm not allowed to tell, it hurts me that I couldn't you guys' 'oh lou, we will find a way' when he said that he pulled me in a hug 'I missed you haz' 'I missed you too lou'

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