Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


7. what have I done

Louis pov

Why did I broke up with harry, he was the only one that made me smile when I was down. Sure I have eleanor now but it's not the same I like her but I love harry. I got a text message


Can we meet



Omg is this real he wants to talk to me


Euhm, yeah sure, why not



I wonder why he wants to talk after 3months, maybe he wants to quit the band because of me, Omg what have I done


At the park at 4

Xx -H


at the park we had our first date there, that's the place were we kissed for the first time


*harry, Were are we going' I asked nervous, 'lou, you don't have to be nervous it's just me, and it's a suprise' well that was a useful answer, and what does he mean with it's just me, he's perfect. 'Yeah I know harry, and it's not just you, you are amazing' omg did I really said that 'thx lou, you too' he was blushing like crazy, did I really make him blush, I was in deep thoughts when I realized that the car stopped 'lou we're here' 'oh' didn't you think about something else, now is it just like you don't care 'come with me' he took my hand, I got that weird feelin' in my stomach, what is this boy doing to me. When we stopped I saw a beautiful lake with little lights around it and a colorful fauntain, he made a picnic there was a blanket in the middle of a heart made of candles 'oh haz, this is beautiful tou didn't have to do that' I was suprised why all this effort for me 'everything for you boo' he gave me a cute smile, and he kissed my cheek, I got more butterflies.*

Why did I broke up, he did everything for me, well I better get going before I'm to late. I drove to the park and just when I was almost there, without you started to play , I got a break down. I couldn't face him like this , I can't speak to him, I made a terrible mistake and I know how sensitive harry can be, and I broke his heart but you know what they say "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, then it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be"

I think it's never meant to be, I didn't let him go I crushed him, I ripped his heart out of his chest and crushed it. I was crying and suddenly I heard a noise at my window, I looked up it was harry. 



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