Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


15. this can't be real

Harry pov

Finally back on stage, I missed the fans so much, I missed the performing, don't get me wrong I love the freetime but it's like something is missing. I told myself to stay away from louis, I don't want things to be awkward on stage,yes this would be a lot easier if the fans knew about us, but we're not ready to tell management, why is it so hard to love someone? Maybe we don't need to tell management first, maybe we need to tell the fans first, yes I'm going to confess my feelings for louis just before the end of the show, I hope they will support us, but I guess they will you know they ship larry, yes it's a bromance for them just like niam but some fans believe that it's a romance and they are right but management keeps telling us that it's wrong, I can tell you love is never wrong, but they are just assholes that don't know what love is 'Harry, you need to get on stage' damn I was lost in thoughts almost forgot the concert 'ok, I'm coming' this is were I belong on stage with my best friends and boyfriend, what should I do without them. 'hey, how are you tonight, ready to spent a whole night with me and the other lads' I asked the fans 'YEAAAAAH' 'ok, here we go' 


louis pov

harry s acting strange tonight I wonder what's going on, maybe he knows that we can't be together, what if management told him to break up, oh wait they don't know about us, well damn think louis think... ofcourse TAYLOR she's the one that told him to stay away from me. you know what I don't care, harry told me that he loved me so I should believe him but why is he so close with niall, why all the narry action, did he fall in love with him, damn louis stop thinking about it, just relax and enjoy the concert all your fans are here. we were singing kiss you and that's when I just snapped, all the actions were to much, I got really jealous and ran from stage, 30seconds later I heard someone behind me, 'what do you want'  'you' 'no harry you want niall I saw you with him you know' 'boo, you know he's with demi and...' 'so if he was single you would date him?!' I said a little to loud 'no ofcourse not I love you and only you, you know that right' 'I don't know haz you can do much better than me' 'don't you ever say that again' I looked up and pulled him into a hug, this was my hazza I can't let him go I need him, it's like I would die without him. 'haz I love you so much' 'I love you too, babe' I blushed and give him a kiss just beside his mouth 'come haz the concert isn't over yet' I know that I was the one that ran away but shht  'yeah I know boo, can't we skip' 'WHAT?' 'I was just kidding, no stress' we were walking on stage when a girl started to scream 'LARRY IS REAL' she was right but I can't let them know before I'm going to ask harry to marry me, is this the right time or should I do it after little things, I should think about this things before I do something. 


harry pov 

we had a little break and I was walking over niall 'hey niall can we talk, it's kinda important' 'oh okay no problem, what's the problem?' 'well I was thinking about kissing louis after little things but is that a good idea?' 'does management know?' 'no,not really I want to tell the fans first before management because they would break us apart again and I love him so much niall you have no idea' 'woww calm down I just asked if they knew, but in that case just do it, the fans would love you guys' 'why are you so sure' 'did you live under a rock? check twitter mate' 'well, maybe I will' I took my phone and got on twitter 'well what's so important?' 'check, #larryproof' 'you're kidding right?' 'no not really' I looked it up and there are so many fans that ship us as a romance, they are amazing, I love them so much 'omg this is just....' 'creepy' 'yeah that too but I didn't know that all these fans were supporting us' 'they do, they like the larry idea' 'well they like narry, lilo and nouis, also very intresting' 'yeah but that are bromances, they like you for the romance, there is no longer bromance between you two' 'yeah I know' 'harry just do what feels right, don't rush things' 'thanks niall, but we're dating for a year now without telling someone except you guys and our parents, it's scary you know' 'you're going to be fine ok, you have us, we will never let you down, come here' he pulled me into a big hug 'thanks ni, you're the best' 'I know right' he laughed and ran to zayn. I know what I should do, niall is brilliant.


liam pov (suprise xd)

I really need to know what happened during kiss you, I never saw louis so upset like 10minutes ago, I should find him and talk, I hope he's ok. yes I knwo he returned and I know that he kept smiling after he's little break, but you know, I'm worried like always. I walked inside the dressing room and saw louis sitting on a chair with a little box in his hands, I walked to him and just when I was in front of him he hided the box in his jacket 'what was that?' 'oh nothing importent' 'you sure?' he sight 'no, it's a ring' 'like in an engagement ring?' 'yeah kinda' 'kinda?' 'why all this questions?' 'because I want to know what happend on stage' 'you really want to know?' 'yes lou, you know I care about you' 'ok, I got jealous because harry and niall were so close and when harry kissed niall's cheek I snapped, he's mine, I couldn't take it so I ran backstage' 'you know that they are just friends, so why the ring?' 'well I was thinking about asking harry to marry me after little things, but after what happend I'm not so sure anymore' 'lou, you have to do what feels right, why didn't you tell me before, you know that I would help you with no mather what' 'yeah I know but it's hard you know' I nodded and got up 'time to change, see you on stage' 'ok' why is love so complicated. 


louis pov

this is the moment where I was waiting for, this is the moment when I would know the reaction from the fans and management, I knew that they would hate us but who cares. we were singing little things and it was harry's turn, he has a really nice singing voice I could listen to it all they, I snapped out of my thoughts and heard him sing 'I'm in love with louis, and all his little things' oh no he didn't, the crowd didn't even realise that the lyrics changed they were to busy with staring at us. The song ended and I got up and got to harry and got nervous he just stared at me so I began 'harry, we know each other for 3 years now and it was the best time I ever had...' 'Lou what are you..' 'Shht let me finish it, I know that we had our ups and downs and we aren't perfect but I love you' I heard alot awws on the back ground 'haz will you marry me?' 'Lou I mean you can't, i can't, I'm sorry' and he ran away. This can't be real

-sorry for the late update, i hope you love it-  


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