Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


13. please

Louis pov


I saw harry standing their, he had the room decorated with candles, and roses and he stood in the middle of a heart made from rose petals. I blushed nd could kiss him but once again his not my boyfriend anymore. I walked over him 'hey boo,suprised?' 'Yeah kinda, why all this?' 'Well euhm I want you to go out with me on a date' I was shocked and he saw that 'damn I should've asked you diffrent' is he nervous? Aww that's so cute. He got closer to me and took my hands 'boo will you go out with me?' I couldn't say anything just like the first time so I just nodded with tears in my eyes. 'Omg boo is everything alright?' 'Y-yeah this are happy tears' 'oh good, that's good right?' 'Ofcourse' I pulled him into a hug 'so haz when would you like to go on our date' 'well euhm.. Right now actually' 'what ? now ? I'm not ready I'm not wearing the right clothes' I started to freak out I really wasn't ready, what if people see me like this on a date 'boo, calm down you look fine but if you want you can change yourself but quickly' 'where are we going?' I need to know what I have to wear' he gave me a little smile 'el thought you would get worried about your clothes so she put some clothes on your bed that are perfect for our date' 'oh ok thank you' eleanor helped him and oh damn I forgot about her she has to be heartbroken, I apologize to her later, first I need to get ready. after 20minutes I was ready and walked downstaires were harry was waiting for me 'hey I'm ready' 'good, you look perfect by the way' I felt my cheeks burn 'thank you, you to' 'thanks' he gave me a big dimple showing smile, his so cute 'so wgg-here are we going?' I'm curious I know 'i told you already I'm not going to tell you it's a suprise so I'm going to blindfold you' damn I hate that but I would do everything for him 'ok, for how long?' ' half an hour or an hour' 'damn that's long' 'yeah I know but it's worth it believe me' when he blindfolded me we got into a limo, yeah harry wouldn't drive cause he knew that it would be boring for me so we were talking about everything that happened the past 3months when we were apart, yeah we were in the same band but didn't know anything about each other, that's also when he told me that he dated taylor swift but apparently she was using him for more fame. (sorry for the swifties who are reading this, everyone has an opinion)'louis we're here wait I will help you to get out of this thing' I felt his hand in mine, that remembered me about the time that we were together. 'thank you'  when I got out of the limo he pulled me closer to him and held me at my waist, it made me calm. we we're just walking and walking and when he suddenly stopped I almost fell, yeah I'm clumsy don't judge, 'boo I know you fell for me, you don't need to prove it' he laughed a little 'haha very funny haz, you stoped without warning' 'sorry boo' and he kissed my cheek, the place were his lips met my skin was burning like crazy I love the feeling that I get from him 'we're here by the way so I will take that thing off so you can see again' when the blindfold was of I couldn't take the sun, dam  that's bright even when it's afternoon. when I could see decent, I saw what harry did, he had prepared a picknick on the beach, candles and roses everywhere, a nice big blanket were we could sit on this is perfect 'OMG haz this is PERFECT' 'I hope so, it wasn't easy' we sat down on the blanket and harry started to feed me, his so romantic, since he was feeding me I started to feed him as well we had so much fun and that's when I saw sunset 'haz this is beautiful' 'I know boo, I wanted something special for our date and what's better than watchin sunset together?' 'well I know something' harry looked confused but it didn't take long cause I gently pecked his lips, he smiled and our lips were touching again, what's better than the perfect date with a perfect boy, I want this forever, i felt harry pull away and looked at him confused 'boo, will you please give us a second chance, like in a couple?' 'ofcourse haz I love you so much' 'I love you too' we kissed again and after we catched our breath I laid my head on his chest and we watched the sun that was going down


-it's kinda late but I wanted to update so I'm sorry for mistakes I will check it tomorrow-

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