Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


1. memories

harry put all his weight behind the punch. he drew back and swung again, over and over till he felt his knuckles becoming raw. liam held the bag in his place. he looked worried about his friend. he was talking to him, but harry didn't listen. memories were crossing his mind

*'hi i'm louis,' the smaller guy said to harry with a big smile in the mirror, like they just met in a bar or something and not in a toilet at a big competition. he didn't look like he was stressed. who wouldn't stress at a moment like this. I was stressed but not only becaus the competition but also about the company from the older guy, I was  nervous who wouldn't I mean look at him, his perfect in every single way, I never want him to leave*

harry put more force in hitting the bag his fists were hurting but he didn't care, nothing hurt more than his broken heart. more memories came and harry didn't know what to do

*we all needed some sleep when we got back in our rooms niall jumped on his bed, well we slept with 5 guys in a room becaus we are a band, there were two double beds and one single bed I share a bed with louis, niall and liam are also sharing one and zayn slept alone, he didn't care. we just crawled in our bed and louis was already sleepingnuzzeld into my side, I was scared to put my arm around him but why would I he was my brother and my best friend I wouldn't do anything wrong with just holding him, so i put my arm around him and he let me*



I don't know if I will finish this story, becaus I suck at writing xD sorry if this is bad qnd short  


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