Don't tell

what happens between louis and harry when louis can't take the pressure of keeping it a secret


5. I'm sorry el.

we were on the driveway now, I got stressed, what if she won't talk to me, what if louis won't let me talk to her 'Liam I'm not ready, not today' 'calm down harry, it's gonna be fine' 'no, no they hate me, I made mistakes and I regret them, but they wouldn't believe me if I tell them' 'harry, pull yourself together and go inside' ' but....' 'no excuses, GO' well, someone is grumpy. 


when we got in the house, there was no one home, yes I'm lucky I thought by myself. I was getting me and liam a drink, I was walking to the living room when I heard the door, Oh god, it was eleanor with danielle, I pulled myself together and walked to eleanor 'hey, euhm.. can we talk?' thats when danielle walked to liam, I think she didn't want to disturb 'I don't know, I have nothing to say to you' 'yeah I understand, but can you just listen for a minute?' 'okay one minute not a second more' 'okay, so uhm... I want to apologize for the other day, I was a jerk and you didn't deserve that. You make louis happy and I don't want to get between you two, I wish you the best with him' she looked suprised 'well, thank you harry and don't worry about it I would do the same if I were you' 'so are we ok' 'yes harry, but please talk to louis for me' 'I will, but I don't know what to say' 'just tell him what you told me the other day and what you told me right now' 'thanks eleanor I thought you would be mad at me' 'ohh, I was but I understand your reaction' 'well I'm happy that we're good' I don't know why but I hugged her. 'well, I better get going, bye harry'  

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