My Edward Cullen

When 17 year old Lorraine moves from sunny-side California to the damp and dark climate of Upstate-Washington, she never knew that one young and mysterious boy would catch her sight and take her out of her misery. And who knew that this boy was in fact keeping a very deep and dark secret? A fanfiction based on the Twilight series books.


1. Moving to Washington


This is a story about a girl named Lorraine and it begins at the end with her life being completely turned upside-down by this one very young and mysterious boy. It was November 13th and Lorraine, a down-to-earth tanned California native was starting her first day in Washington High, the smallest High School in Upstate Washington. Moving from a sunny and warm lifestyle to a dark and damp climate just for her Dad who was recently promoted to head of the police department. With no friends, surprisingly getting lost in the long and cold corridors, all she wanted to do was run away. Until one day she met him.


 It was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon. I had just said goodbye to Nicole and Sam. Nicole is amazing! On my first day here we instantly clicked. She’s going out with Sam, another super-cool, down-to-earth guy. Considering the two of them were dating, I often felt like the third wheel, so after school I would make my own way home. I had gotten used to the new surroundings, and quickly became as pale as everyone else here. It was on that day; from the moment I laid eyes on him I knew that there was something different about him. Sam had confirmed my theory and said that “everyone thinks he’s a secret drug dealer or in some secret Star Wars society”, but I knew he was only joking. He kept to himself, had not many friends and missed a lot of days of school. Why would I know all of this? Well, besides the fact that we were paired for science, I just couldn’t help but notice. I guess I should inform you that I am talking about Dan Paxton.


 Anyway. Back to my “it was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon”. Well it was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon. I had just said goodbye to the two love birds and was making my way across the car park when Cathal Moore, the big bad bully of the school pulled up in his van. “Do you want a lift?” he asked me “to my house maybe?” He winked at me and even whistled. “I’d rather walk through the snow bare-foot”, was my reply and I continued on my way. He sped past me, driving extremely fast, obviously angry at me, but I didn’t take any notice of him. I was just about to walk across the road when Cathal lost control of the steering wheel and was sliding at full speed in my direction. I was almost smashed between his big silver van and an old oak tree if it wasn’t for Dan. He had suddenly come out of nowhere and jumped in front of me, putting one of his hands out and stopping the van, the other wrapped around me. Shock was an understatement, I was completely blown away. Not just by almost being killed by this lunatic, but by being in the arms of this strange and mysterious boy. From then on I knew exactly that I had to get closer to him.


 I had an unusual feeling that from that incident onwards, getting to know Dan would be more difficult than I anticipated. Of course, there was a lot of fussing over me, hospital checks and even getting stopped in the corridor by complete strangers wonder if I was okay and saying “I’ll see you at lunch”. Still, I had Nicole and Sam to confine my apparently ridiculous theories with. “Cathal hasn’t been in school since the accident, neither has yours truly”, Sam said to me at lunch the following week. “People are saying he’s dropping out of school altogether, that he’s too embarrassed about what happened”. “His driving licence is gone for three years anyways”, Nicole said casually. I wasn’t exactly listening to them, my attention was directed to Dan who had just walked into the canteen, this being the first time I’ve seen him since the accident. Sam had seen him as well and had a look of disapproval on his face. “Lorraine, you are just better off without him”. The bell suddenly rang for my next class, which was science. “I should at least say thank-you for saving my life”, I said enthusiastically, heading out the door before either of them could argue.


The first time I had ever heard Dan’s voice was in that coming science class. We were put together experimenting on food’s and starch quantities. “Dan, I never got a chance to say thank-you for saving me last week”, I said nervously and for the first time I was looking up close into his eyes. They were a strong shade of blue and they had a tiny sparkle to them. He smiled at me, yet again it kind of looked more like an “oh please” smirk. “You’re welcome”, is all he said. His voice was so strong and deep and I knew from that moment that he wasn’t your average teenager. Something was so different about him, something that I couldn’t distinguish.


Later that afternoon Nicole had promised to take me out dress shopping for the Winter School Dance. It was only when we were inside the dressing rooms, trying on many different styles that I told her about talking to Dan. “Lorraine, that boy is only trouble”, she warned me as she came out wearing a purple dress. “He barely goes to school, he’s going to fail his exams and become a homeless person, so please, save yourself”. “But Nicole, I have to get to the bottom of it. I want to know what’s up with him”, I said. I just had come out from behind the curtain wearing a red bodycon dress. “That’s beautiful Lorraine”, you look wonderful”. I was too lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t even hear her complement. I was only brought back to earth when her phone rang. “It’s Sam”, she said. “He wants to hang out”. I felt too distant and didn’t feel like being the third wheel so I paid for the dress and began one of my longest journeys home.


It was getting dark and I still had a long walk before I’d reach my house on the other side of town. My parents were always too busy to pick me up, especially my Dad since he got the promotion. It was almost eight o clock and I was using my phone for light to guide me. I was on this long and lonesome road, completely surrounded with tall trees towering over me. I am not normally the type of person to get scared easily, but now I certainly was. Suddenly, in the foreseeing distance I not only saw but clearly heard a big silver van coming in my direction, Eminem music playing loudly. I immediately knew that behind that steering wheel was Cathal and before I knew it he had recognised me and jerked his van to a holt. “How about a spin to my house now?” he asked me with his malicious and sneaky voice. “Never”, I said, not even looking into his eyes. I continued to walk, but instead of him driving on he got out and started walking behind me. I started to walk a little faster, getting scared now that he wasn’t leaving me alone. “What do you want?” I spat at him after he grabbed hold of my right arm and spun me around. He had a strong grip on my arm and it started to hurt. “Come with me to the dance tomorrow?”he asked and for the first time I looked into his eyes and saw innocence. “No! Let me go!” I shot back at him.


Suddenly Dan had appeared behind me. I felt his presence and immediately felt safe. “Let go of her Cathal, or I’ll call the police. You’re not supposed to be driving, remember?” he said and almost simultaneously Cathal did let go. “Don’t call the police, oh please don’t call the police”, I repeated over and over in my head. I didn’t want my Dad finding me like this. Cathal let go and drove away dangerously in a huff. Only later when Dan was walking me home that he shared his secret with me. “A lot of people think you sell drugs or are in a secret Star Wars society”, I said casually as he walked by my side. I looked up at him and he gave one of his smirks. “Well I can tell you now that all those people are wrong”. We had reached my front porch, the light over-head made it much easier for me to see his face. “Lorraine”, he said after a few seconds of silence and heavy breathing. “I’m a vampire”, he said grabbing my hand. “A what?” I asked, totally blown black. “A V-A-M-P-I-R-E”, he said casually. “And I really really really like you”. With that he gave me a kiss and walked away.

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