One Direction Imagines

Hi.! I don't know what to write here. So I hope you enjoy the imagines, if you don't then...sorry about that :/ oh! And I don't do requests. Sorry about that too! Byye!!


3. Madi :)


"For the hundredth time, no!"

You are begging you're mom for tickets for One Direction's Where We Are concert in London next week before it sells out.

You're mom walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. You instantly opened your laptop to buy tickets without you're mom knowing.

"Great! They're all sold out now" you said before laying in bed.

*day of the concert*

BEEP BEEP BEEP. Your alarm clock went off. "It's always nice to start your day with a heart attack" you said to yourself, on your way to the bathroom.

*4 hours before concert*

You were walking on the streets of London, wearing a casual red knee-length dress and white converse with your hair in a messy ponytail. You started to hear loud screams, you wished you had tickets for the concert. You went to sit on a bench looking at the crowd of fans in front of you, until someone sat next to you. You didn't look at that person, too disappointed to even talk.

"Hello! What's wrong?" The person said, in a way too familiar Irish voice.

You turned your face to look at the person to see if it was him. It was!! "I-I'm fine"

"I'm Niall" he said sticking his hand out for you to shake it. "Madi" You said smiling and shaking his hand.

"Are you sure you're fine? Because it doesn't look like it" He said looking into your green eyes, he always had a thing with girls with green eyes.

"N-not exactly. You see, my mom didn't let me come to your concert. And even if she did, I can't come because there are no more tickets" you said looking down.

"I'm sorry" He said, now it's his turn to look down. "It's alright, it's not your fault, or anybody's fault."

"Madi? Can I tell you something?" He looked nervous. Why? "Sure"

"Look, Maddi. I-um-I like you" What? "You're different, but in a good way, you're calm around me, not like others, you're beautiful, and it's nice to be around a calm Irish fan" he chuckled. "The point is, will you go out with me?" He blurted out. What? "I-umm, thank you Niall. And yes I would love to go out with you!" He smiled from ear to ear.

"Umm can't wait! Here's my phone no." He took my phone and saved his phone no. in it. "And I gotta go now Madi otherwise I'll be late for the concert" he said standing up. "Okay bye Niall!"

"Bye! Oh and I'll text you every detail about the date" he winked and ran into the crowd.

"What just happened" you whispered to yourself, smiling...


A/N soo... Madi, how do you like it?

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