The Green Girl {One Diretion Fanfiction}

Kelsie is a college student. School is ending and she wants to have a exacting summer. Her wishes come true when her professor tells her she gets to be a worker for the one and only Band, One Direction over there summer leg tour. She's excited, but it doesn't really go as planned for her. Specially when she starts getting feelings for the one and only Harry Styles.


1. The Green Girl {One Direction Fanfiction}

I wasn't a normal girl. And hey I owned up to it to. My foolish behavior and my need for sleep always gave me a bed rep. Specially for jobs. Gosh I was bad at those. I always seemed to get fired in a weeks time.

This is were it gets difficult you see, I need a job for this summer. My mom told me that if I didn't even tried that she would take away my bank account money. And I didn't want that since I was saving up for my own flat. Even though it was mostly all her money. But shhh, lets act like I am responsible for some of it.  That will make me feel better about myself.

"Kelsie!" I grumbled some state meant about how I hated that bitch.

"Hey Kelsie!" Oh its guy. Actually my professor. I didn't want to stay her long. It was my last day of my freshman year of college before summer. And I was pretty damn excited. Thinking about now sleeping in and eating chocolate all day on the couch sounds amazing.

"Kelsie come here please!" I slowly walked down the hallways wanting to waste the last even more. I didn't feel like going to class. We got out in about 20 minutes. My excitement was over whelming.  "Yeah professor smith?" His bald head made me squint my eyes. Its like a ray of sun shine on the platter of bald ness. Too much? Yeh.

"I have fantastic new with you!" His huge smile made me quiver. He was always my favorite professor. Did I mention he was my dad's friend also? Didn't think I did.

"Yeah?" I foot tapping hard on the ground. I could hear it myself.

"Well your father and mother have been telling me about your desire for a job"

Oh gosh please no. He did the same thing to my older sister and she ended up doing handy work for a library. The plump lady gave her dirty stares if he re-shelved the wrong book.

"Well I have people and so, I am sending you to be a assiant for a band this summer" His extended smile me glare.

A worker for some bands tour? I never did that before. Actually the only job I had was being a waitress. And that didn't last long.

"Really a band? Which band?"

He gulped. Then smiled.

"one direction!" He yelled. I went numb. Like one direction the biggest boy band out there?!

"You will be staying on a tour bus with some other girls. You will be doing meet and great working and mostly all that" I couldn't help the huge smile that caved in on my face. This was amazing. I would meet the extremely hot boys to!

"You wont be working with the boy though"

I frowned. Wow thanks smith.

"Oh" Is all I could say. He didn't say I could try and sneak and meet them! But I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there. Hehehe.

"This is amazing! Thank you. When do I start!?" he flipped some pages in a folder and handed it to me.

"When summer started" My gaze harden. "That's tomorrow" He held a finger at me smiling.

"Exactly" my eyes popped at as I slung my bag over my shoulder. "I have to pack!" And I ran out of the room. Not before yelling a quick thank you of course!

The drive to my house couldn't go any slower cause of the ass traffic. But finally when I got home I ran upstairs and packed almost all my clothes. Which resulted in 5 huge ass suit cases. I had more clothes but those were non sexy clothes. I need sexy pants, shirts dresses. Everything. I mean I did need one direction attention right! Specially Harry Styles. He caught my eye a lot.   My mom read of the list of things I need. She was pretty nervous about me leaving for the whole summer. Saying how she was going to miss me. My dad told me set my alarm clock. Or a whole tank of sharks to wake me up. ha ha ha. Twat. opps

"So go to central England tomorrow at 8 and they will take you from there! " My moms perky voice was high. I cringed. She's happy,

"This means me and your mom will have a lot of alone time this summer" He gave her a wink. Ew wtf not in front of my please. I pretended to barf as my mom gave me a glare.

"Don't worry honey it says in her that you will give 3 breaks for home "

Don't worry mother I wasn't worrying.

I hope we were allowed to drink. Awk. Please I will make sure we are allowed. It should in my work application.

Kelsie work application

Should be allowed to drink

to take atleast 3 hour naps

do sexually actives in work area

Okay maybe that's taking it a little to far. But Hey!

A girls got needs.

"Go to bed honey. You have a busy morning tomorrow!" I looked at the clock and saw that it said 7 o' clock. I never go to bed this early but I want at least 12 hours of sleep. I LOVE sleep.

And food.

Gosh this was going to be a great summer.

At least I hope.

A/N: Hey guys thanks for reading! Please stayed tuned for up coming chapters. I need a co-auther for sexually writing parts. Cause I am awkward with those lol. Thanks!





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