Wanted (Harry Styles)

*Warning: contains strong language and graphic sex scenes*

'Harry Styles' a name that sends chills down your spine whenever your hear it. He's wanted, but nobody knows why. He's a criminal and has been sent to jail plenty of times, but again; no one knows why.

Emily is attending a school to become a policeman, she meets Harry who's been caught doing something illegal, and she wants to be the first one who knows why this guy is so bad and why everyone fears him.

Only Harry himself, and the judge knows why he's so: WANTED.


1. Prologue

'Harry Styles', yeah I know what you think, just a normal 19 year old boy who goes to collage and is trying to get an education, but hell no.

Harry Styles that's a name of a guy, who's nothing but a normal 19 year old boy, he's a criminal, been to jail plenty of times and when he's not doing anything criminal, he's just fucking around with a girl he met at a club 10 minutes before. He's nothing but trouble, the worst part is, no one knows why.

He's been said to have murdered people, have robbed a bank, done drugs, prostitution and lots of other stuff. The only ones who knows what the true reason behind this guy being in jail a lot of times is the a Judge and him.

Right now he's in a courtroom ones again, smirking to himself, what an idiot he is. That guy, that Harry Styles guy, he's nothing but a troublemaker, how would I know?

Because I am Harry Styles and I am


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