Hopeless Romantic

Asami Kei is a student at Tokyo University, she's 21 and living with her handsome foster father. "That seems really nice" you say? Ooh, but the truth is a bit different from what it appears.


2. Chapter One

"Is here okay?" 

"Yea, yes, please sit there, and start when you feel like it." 

"Ehm then, I am ready." 

"Okay, then we'll start. Please state your name." 

"But.. You already know it.." 

"Yes, but just say it anyways." 

"Okay, my name is Asami Kei." 

"Tell about yourself." 

"As I said, my name is Kei, and I'm turning 21 next month. Ehm *grin* I am the adopted daughter of CEO of the Asami Company. I study here at Tokyo University to become a doctor. What more.? Oh, I do kendo in my spare time." 


"Yes, I quite enjoy it."

"You say you're the adopted daugther of Asami Ryuichi, how is that?"

"Uhm.. It's kind of a private area. I don't know my parents, but I think he did, so he decided to take care of me in their place." 

"Asami Ryuichi is mostly famous for his exclusive night clubs and such. As his daugther, do you take an interest in that?" 

"Yes, I do. I have a few ones, I manage myself." 

"You manage some clubs?"

"Two host clubs and a bar." 

"Wow.. thats really impressive for such a young lady. Your father must be proud of you."

"I hope so. Besides, I really like it, I get to meet people." 

"What is your favorite food and most disliked food?"

"I really love eating nabe. I generally like sweet stuff. Hm, it's not like I am picky about my food, but I dislike pineapple - I don't like the thought of it's enzymes trying to eat me..." 

"Do you have a lover?"

*Blush* "No, unfortunately not. Guess I jut haven't met the one." 

"How do you feel about being the Female of the Month?" 

"I wonder if I should be happy or what. Im honored, of course, but still.. Do you randomly choose Female of the Month, or what?" 

"We ask people we meet at campus to nominate one, and the one with most nominations wins." 

"Really? Yay, then I am truly happy!" 

"Hehe. What is your favorite animal?" 

"I think tigers, however I really like dogs. They're so cute!" 

"Do you have one?"

"Yes, I have a shiba inu named Tesshi. And before you ask, my favorite colour is coral red." 


"Ah, sorry. I'm used to journalists, so I get unexpectedly mean sometimes. Forgive me."

"That's okay. Well, I think it is fine for now. Thank you for your time." 

"My pleasure." 


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