Forbbiden love


7. chapter 6

My mother held me in her arms and rubbed her hand up and down across my back and tried to sooth me. I sniffed and covered myself farther down in my blanket. My dad came out with a hot steaming pot of coffee and 3 tea cups and set them on the coffee table. I picked up a cup and my dad poured some coffee in mine along with some milk.

"Careful Claire, it's hot." My mom precautioned me. I ignored him taking a big gulp. I spit it out all over my dads trousers. He yelped an pursed his lips together. I stuttered trying to apologize. He held up his hand.

"You know what? Claire why don't you go take a nap while I go change." It was more a demand than a question. I a Walked slowly down the hall and slammed my door shut. I logged onto my phone and went on YouTube to see the latest updates. I nearly screamed when I saw what was on the most viewed list.


I burst out crying and threw my phone across the room cracking the screen. Tears dripped like a never ending waterfall. I stuck my head underneath my pillow and wiped my nose. Maria started to text me.

Maria: you ok Claire?

Claire:I'm fine

Maria:just don't listen to them ok. They don't know what really happened and they barley know who you are.

Claire: I know I gtg.

I put some pajama pants on and fell asleep.

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