Forbbiden love


5. chapter 5

I widened my eyes. Now that I realize this problem I don't even remember this. I had to lie. I stuttered as I thought of a good lie.

"Umm. I. I got a shower last night before I fell asleep here last night." She bought it.

" well ok. But next one before you go home check to see if you're wearing everything." She popped her head up. " oh! That's right! I forgot my purse upstairs!" She ran upstairs.

"Wanna explain why my bra was here?" He smirked.

"Like you said, you got a shower last night." I glared at him. Don't lie. If I got a shower my hai-" my mother shrieked. We both bolted up the steps. Her face was burning red.

"Claire! I can't believe you would lie to me!" I wanted to cry. I never lied.

"Mom! to tell you the truth I don't know why my bra was here-" she pointed to and outstretched condom. I gasped and covered my mouth.

"You!" I said as I pointed at Damon. " that wasn't Apple juice you gave me hard liqueur last night to get me drunk just so you can have sex with me!?" I yelled. My mom started to cry. " how could you do this to me!? I said when I'm ready. Not when you feel like it. You betrayed me. I'm never talking to you again! Were over!" I grabbed my moms arm and took her home.


I layed in my room not saying a word. I skipped school yesterday from too much embarrassment. My mother knocked on my bedroom door.

"Sweetly. Your principle called. She says you can't afford to miss another day." I unlocked my door.

"If anything goes wrong will you allow me to go straight home?" She smiled and put a piece of hair behind my ear.


I walked into the school. Hundreds of people stared at me as I walked by. Did Damon really tell everybody? I walked past a group of girls giggling. There I was... Having sex. ON!!!!!! I quickly walked down the hall now nearly leaping. These group of boys looked at me and moaned as if to mimic me. I turned around and ran really fast back home leaving my car at school.

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