Forbbiden love


15. chapter 15

I brought Maria into a hug as she cried.

"It was because of me Claire. I wouldn't listen. They fought over me and what I've been doing and now they're getting a divorce!!!" She sobbed into my shoulder.

"Shh... You're ok Maria. We will be here to support you." She sniffed.

"Are you really gonna do that for me?" I nodded.

"Now let's go buy some tubs of ice-cream and watch the vow." She chuckled.

"You know exactly what to do to cheer me up." We grabbed pillows and blankets and brought my ps3 downstairs to hook up to our 84 in. Screen tv. We changed into our matching fluffy zebra pjs. She laid down on her stomach but I had to turn on my side because my belly. She jolted her head up and quickly ran into the kitchen grabbing two boxes of tissues.

"Were gonna need these later." We both giggled. She gave us each a box and we sprawled out pressing play.

I wiped my eyes and blew my nose.

"No! remember him!!! You have to remember him!!! Remember your love how you were gonna get engaged!!!" We cried. Suddenly the power went out and the entire house shook. We crawled under the table. Our lights blew out and the fans flung to the floor. I tried crawling out from under the table but as I walked out our chandelier crashed to the floor inches from my body. I screamed in terror. It only lasted about a minute but my then my entire house was destroyed. The ceiling caved in crashing onto the table crushing Maria.

"Maria!!!" I screamed. She was out. Her body pinned under the ceiling. Suddenly one of the power lines came shooting down I pulled as hard as I could on Maria. She couldn't move. The power line fell and I backed up just in time. I was pinned against the wall. Blood swayed down my leg. It wasn't my blood. It was Maria's.

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