Forbbiden love


13. chapter 13

I screamed. My mom came shooting up the steps and to my door. She pounded against the wood.

"Clairason open up!!!" I couldn't move. I was in way too much shock. She broke down the door and nearly fainted when she saw all the blood. She attempted to pick me up. She half carried me out to the car and sped to the hostpital.


I woke up in the hostpital room. The doctor walked in just as I opened my eyes.

"Good news Claire. Your baby is perfectly heathy just that you hurt it when you fell. But because of this mishap the baby may come early or late. Oh and you're due on check up next week to see how many you'll be having. If it's in the right position you may get to see what gender he/ she they/ it." I smiled and rubbed my stomach.

"Thank you."

"Oh. Yes you're also free to go. Just sighn some papers at the front desk and you'll be free to go."

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