Forbbiden love


1. chapter 1

Maria kept messing with my hair moving from left to right up to down side to side trying to see what best suits me. "Hmm. Man girl, your hairs just ugly no matter what I do to try and make it better." She chuckled. " thanks. My hair feels complete love towards you." I replied sarcastically. " you know Claire, there's something wrong with this look. You just need to wear it regularly down." I sighed giving up in compromise. She smiled with satisfaction and we walked to the car. " will you please tell me where were going?" She smiled creepily at me. " nope. It's a surprise." She drove down the road into a road I've never been down. Someone started to call

Me: yes?

Damon: are you guys on your way?

Me: I don't even know where we're going!

Damon: ( sigh ) ok. Just, whatever you do don't tell her Maria. She saluted.

Maria: yes sir.

And kept on driving.

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