The story of life

Young Emily is an average girl until she graduates high school and meets the man of her dreams then society and reality kick in and Emily has to make a choice.


2. Passed

     Emily's p.o.v.

     i woke up the next morning feeling sick, then my stomach turned and i hurled, crap, a hangover.....i think.  i ran to the liquor store and got what i needed.


     i got out of the bathroom, and  i bursted into tears, i want back into Savannah's room and told her the news and she had a plain, sorry look on her face "well it could be a mistake, the only way you'll actually know" Savannah said " I'll schedule an appointment"


      "I can't belive i'm p-p-pregnant" "it's okay we'll get by this all, you have to do now is tell every one about u having a child at the age if 18"said Emily "yeah, okay, I'll tell D-D-Daniel, I'll call him right now to meet me at the cafe down the street" i said. i take out my phone dial his number and press call...

( d-Daniel... e-Emily, because im lazy XD)


e-hey, can you meet me at the cafe on 1807 street 

d yeah, what time

e-5 minutes?

d-yeah, be there in 5

e- k bye



     i was sitting down anxiously when i saw him. "hey" he said "hey" i said back faking a smile

we talked for a while until i got serious " listen um..." i said "c'mon say it you're acting like your pregnant" he said smiling and it faded as soon an i looked up from fiddling with my fingers with my eves looking right into his eyes "have you seen a doctor yet" he said seriously "just got back" i said back tears starting to fill my eyes "don't cry it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay"


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