Best friend

Maya was niall horan best friend yes niall horan from one direction what will happen when maya see niall with his girlfriend what will happen she used to love him will she win his heart ?..


1. X factor

Niall can I ask you something sure what do you want niall said with his cute Irish accent

I want you to promise me I want you to promis me that you will never forget me

Maya why would you think I will forget a best friend like you

Ouch bestfriend I wanted to be more but thats a lie because I am ugly fat and he will never want me to be more than bestfriend with me I felt tears start to build in my eyes then niall soft voice said maya look at me plz what's wrong

What's wrong niall are you really asking me what's wrong it's you niall it's you your my bestfriend but you never told me that you are going to the xfactor I yelled at him this was my first time I yell or be mad at niall

I was going to tell but . I cut him and said when niall when tomorrow your leaving to your first adution and you didn't tell me maya I didn't have the time maya ok plz understand me

Oh so know you didn't have the time to tell your bestfriend that your leaving and god knows if your coming back at this time I started to sob really hard

Princes I'm sorry i never wanted to hurt you I'm so sorry he said with his sad voice

I can't stay mad at niall forever so it told him its okay he gave me a big hug but then he told me ...

Maya do you know that I'm leaving tomorrow

Ya I know I will really miss you

I will miss you too but I will call text and skype every day


Promise lets watch a movie know ok

Ok pick a movie and I will go make popcorn

Ok princes when I come back I saw that niall picked a scary movie so I told him we will watch this

Umm yes why

Niall you know that I don't like scary movies

I know but you have me ahhah you can sit next to me If you want

Ok the movie started and I was siting next to niall in the middle of the movie I slept on niall shoulder.

Maya's pov:

At six I was up I looked at niall but then his phone rang I answerd it was his mother mura ilove her so much I answerd and she told me that they will pick niall at 9:00 and they will go to the airport and tell him that I will meet him there oh and one more thing maya I will miss you lair and if you want anything just call me ok and I will call you when niall turn is on xfactor ok

Ok thank you very much love and miss you so much

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