Best friend

Maya was niall horan best friend yes niall horan from one direction what will happen when maya see niall with his girlfriend what will happen she used to love him will she win his heart ?..


3. :( why

I hung up to see that niall is not here I went to my room no he's not there I went to the bathroom and tried to open the door but it didn't open so I know he's there so I went down to make breakfast well it's still 6:30 so we still have time but not much I will really miss that boy

While I am cooking niall came running down and screaming FOOOOOODD I started to giggle when I'm done we ate it was 7:00 we still have 1 hour :( so I told niall you have

One hour and someone will pick you and I know

Because your mother told me

Ok thanks we spend that hour together talking and laughing but then I herd a car horn I went

And open the door and they said call niall and

Tell him it's time to go I went and said niall it's the

Time he said ok wait he went up. And bring his

Bags he put his bags in the car and he ran to

Me and hug me and he said I will miss you but I told him remember he cut me and said to call text and skype I know. I know bye I have

To go and I will call or text when I land ok ok love you bye then I saw the car while it go but then it disappear I started to sob when my neighbor saw me and came and help me to go in but I cried till there were no more tears I thanked the neighbor she was a pretty girl I gave

Her my number and she gave me her number I told her I will call her tomorrow and I went to my room if felt sleepy so I went to the bed and closed my eyes and I had a dream about niall a bad dream ..

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