Best friend

Maya was niall horan best friend yes niall horan from one direction what will happen when maya see niall with his girlfriend what will happen she used to love him will she win his heart ?..


7. it's him

After 3 years

Maya's P.O.V

It's 3 years now I really miss him today I wanted to go out so I went to the bathroom and took a shower and then I called Elissa and told her to meet me in Starbucks she said ok I went and order a drink for me then I went to the table and wait until I heard my name so I went and took the drink and walked away to the table but while I am walking I bumped and fell on the ground and all the drinks fell on me but then I heard something I never wanted to hear it it's that Irish accent I looked up to see niall wearing a glasses and a hat so I looked down and said it's okay while tears started to stream down my face he said her let me help you but I stand up ran to my table and took my phone and bag and ran out but niall

Ran after me and stopped me and said I'm so sorry here take my number call me ok so I took the pice of paper and crumble it in my hand and said take I don't want your number liar or should I say ex. Bestfriend he stared at me and said omg is it really you maya I miss you he wanted to give me a hug but i just walked away and the ran to my car and went to my home then my phone rang it was Elissa she said I didn't find you where are you I said I went home come tomorrow and I will tell you why I want to sleep now ok

Ok bye

I changed my cloths and went to sleep

Niall's P.O.V

Were done of take me home tour and have a break for a year I went with Harry Liam zayn and Louis to Ireland we stayed and my home today I decided to go to Starbucks so I took a shower and went while I'm there I bumped a cute girl omg what I'm saying I have a good looking girlfriend her name is raya ilove her so much but then I looked at her she was sobbing so I told her here let me help you but she ran to her table and took her bag and her phone I guss and ran away I ran adder her and gave her my number but she crumble it and said I don't want your number liar or should I say ex bestfriend I looked at her to see that she was maya she was my bestfriend omg now she's so cute skiny not that she was fat but now she's so cute omg I really messed up I have to follow. Her I flowed her bit I didn't go inside I only wanted to see were does she live so I will go tomorrow I went home and ran to my room I heard someone knocking on my door so I said come in it was liam he said what's wrong I told him and he said you know niall that you hurted her so much but I'm sure she will forgive you you now your her bestfriend and true bestfriend forgive each other ok thanks liam but can you go out because I want to sleep and I will go to her tomorrow

Ok good night


Oh liam if you know how much I love her and not as a friend but I have a girlfriend and ilove her while I'm thinking of what will happen I fell asleep

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